Latest 3G MMI firmware version (EU)?

Discussion in 'MMI' started by simmo, Apr 4, 2009.

  1. simmo New Member

    Hi folks

    Just wondering if anyone could confirm if 5570 is the latest firmware version for the 3G MMI in 2009 models (Europe) or if there is another firmware update? Does this also contain updates for the AMI or is this a separate update?


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  3. craigyb Active Member

    5570 is for the 2G systems, not for the 3G

    It contains an update to 0850 for the AMI
  4. simmo New Member

    Thanks. Just wanting to make sure I have the latest firmware installed, but there seems to be scant info (on the net) on these.

    Have you done any work on 3G MMI equipped cars yet, the likes of TV in motion tweaks?

    I will take a look at the car in the morning and check the HW and SW version and post up.
  5. simmo New Member

    Hmmm. These are the version details returned by the system...not super informative!

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  6. kobra7 Member

    System MMI 3G - Operating System QNX
  7. 4F-Devil Member

    The last SW-Version MMI 3G: 16 and Nav-DB 5.6.8.
  8. ladan Member

    So, you have MMI 3G with the manufacturer SW, probably (SW07), what do you ask about?
  9. simmo New Member

    Thanks. Just wondering whether I should ask my local dealer for an upgrade to this latest version (maps and OS) or whether they will stare at me blankly.

    If there is a significant difference from 5.5.5 to 5.6.8 for the maps in the UK I will push for it. Guess I was naive in expecting the dealer to update the SW (or provide the most current maps) as part of the Pre Delivery Inspection.
  10. 4F-Devil Member

    I don´t the difference from 5.5.5 to 5.6.8 - i think, that only a new SW - no new Maps. The date of Manufacture Maps 04/2007.
    A newer Version has no Dealer.
  11. 4F-Devil Member

    This Version is Market launch from the MMI 3G. The last new Version in Germany is version 16.
  12. audiR8 Member

    Now is a 0032 is actually
  13. simmo New Member

    Thanks. Appears like these SW updates are not critical, so I will not pursue until the car goes in for a service.

    Incidentally anyone know how are these updates applied for 3G MMI - is it via an update CD/DVD (presumably with a part number) or downloaded direct from Audi AG via the vehicle diagnostic connection at the dealer? Just curious.
  14. skoTner New Member

    It can either be done by CD, USB-stick og SD memory card.
  15. simmo New Member

    How do/did you get your hands on this, or do you work for Audi :)?
  16. simmo New Member

    Thanks, I figured as much from the reading the manual and playing with the MMI last week.

    Another question: are these MMI 3G firmware/OS updates freely available on the 'net as with MMI (non 3G) and RNS-E updates? Alternatively would it be 'safer' to go to a dealer and get this done or order a CD/DVD to get the code.

    Anyone know what the list of improvements/bug fixes are between versions, up to and including 0032 version? I figure that because my car is displaying XXXXXX as the SW version it must be the base version (whatever that is??) installed from the factory.

  17. 4F-Devil Member

    This SW-Number is however only the 5F.
    The old number was 0007 -> after the Update 0032.
    The Radio old number 0003 -> after the Update 0015.

    Adresse 5F: Informationselek. I (J794) Labeldatei: DRV\4E0-035-6xx-5F.clb
    Teilenummer SW: 4E0 035 670 A HW: 4E0 035 670
    Bauteil: H-BNT-EU H64 0032

    Adresse 56: Radio (R) Labeldatei: DRV\4F0-035-0xx-56.clb
    Teilenummer SW: 4F0 035 061 C HW: 4F0 035 061
    Bauteil: Radio U DAB H44 0015

    The last SW-Version (Train-Number) vor the complete 3G ist 16.
  18. 4F-Devil Member

  19. simmo New Member

    Hi. Is it possible to find version 16 or above on the net ;-) or is it a case of hassling my dealer (presuming of course they know this even exists)? I guess the updates should have part numbers assigned.

    Any idea what the list of improvements and bugfixes between versions is?

  20. 4F-Devil Member

    I do not know whether one already finds in the network. However you should never create with the 3G hand, since in the end the update absolutely an acknowledgement must take place to the central server.
    If that is not the case and you have a problem with the 3G, lose you the warranty.

    Exactly error list there are not one. Are recovered bug with the telephone and DAB, thats everything, what i knows.
  21. simmo New Member

    Cool. Visit to the dealer it is then. [-o<

    Hey who knows I might even get a maps update. Now that's hopeful!!

    Thanks for the insight.

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