Largest Genuine Alloys To Fit A3/S3 & A3/S3 Sportback

Discussion in '8P platform' started by Kennyken, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Kennyken New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what are the largest genuine Audi alloy wheels that can fit the A3/S3 and A3/S3 Sportback without any problems eg rubbing etc, with a full compliment of passengers, stuffed boot/trunk, full tank of fuel, possibly towing a caravan or something, over speed bumps and with full lock applied etc.

    To start with, I know 7.5J x 18 ET 56 will fit with no problems.

    I was also thinking 8.5J x 19 ET 43 should as well, I'm I wrong?
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  3. izzwiz Member

    With the standard springs 8,5x19 ET45 with 235/35/19 fits without any problems. But I guess that 19"s without any lowering is a "no go" ;0)

    I'm about to fit H&R springs (35/35mm) on my Sportback and will report back if my 8,5/19 ET48 with 235/35 will rub or not.

  4. Kennyken New Member

    Hi Izzwiz,

    I think you should be ok with your setup, I have been doing some reading on the topic and it seems 20" wheels can be installed as well though I don't think I want to go that big.

    I have been informed that S-Line suspension and lower is not recommended for 19"s and above and tires recommended are 225/35/19 for the front and 235/35/19 for the rear.

    Let us know how you get on with your setup and thanks for sharing!
  5. izzwiz Member

    I have finally got my H&R springs mounted. My setup is 35mm lowering and with 8,5 ET48 with 235/35/19 the tire rubs very gentle with 3-4 persons in the car when I'm passing a speedbump. Its only the left rear wheel (!) and I'm only aware of the rubbing because I can notice a slight mark on the side of the tire. It rubs the screw located closest to the top of the wheel arch holding the rear bumber.



  6. Kennyken New Member

    Nice one, I have fitted 8.5 x 19 ET 43 with 235 35 19 tyres and all is great at the moment, I took the precaution of filing in half that screw head while leaving the torx head and thread intact, 19's looks the business and no rubbing as yet! \\:D/ still have to check it while towing a caravan though..

    I don't quite understand why pple are using 215 profiles, surely they have no rim protection and must be sort of dangerous!
  7. G26 New Member

    I was looking into larger OEM rims myself. It looks like the A8/S8 20" wheels will work without any problem if you run 225/30/R20 rubber.
  8. Dj-Dimention New Member

    im looking to put 225/35/19s on mine, the only thing im worried about is ive been told it my affect how the car handles, has anyone had any troubles with this?

    cheers aaron
  9. Kennyken New Member

    You should be fine with that setup provided your rims are not wider than 9J, keep well off the kerbs though as you won't much rim protection.
  10. Dr Awesome New Member

    RS3 alloys on stock S3 setup...

    Hi guys,

    Was just wondering what your thoughts are on this... I'd like to try the stock RS3 wheels on my S3 sportback, I haven't altered the suspension in any way.


    Is this feasible without any adjustment / rubbing?

    Or maybe I should get those wheels in 18" and have them re-finished to black and red... :)

  11. N8KOW New Member

    20 x 8.5 front and 20 x 9 rear

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  12. Kennyken New Member

    You should be ok with the 19 RS3 wheels with standard S3 suspension.
  13. Kennyken New Member

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