Lamborghini RNS-E installation - done

Discussion in 'Lamborghini' started by PROXUS, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. PROXUS Administrator

    It was my second Lambo install and thanks to Lee's advice about antenna it was way quicker :D (I spent way too much time going behind cluster first time).

    This is RNS-E after "sex change" :D lol


    and few extra pics I took since weather was great ;)



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  3. Alister Member

    Good job - love the Lambo!
  4. todd1010 Member

    I would be nice if we could put a "S4" or the "Audi Rings" logo on startup of the RNS-E!

    Did you get to drive it, to make sure it worked correctly?
  5. NSX JR New Member

    Nice job, glad the antenna tip helped you out...

    Did you install bluetooth as well?

    Also, did that VAG adapter cable work out for you?
  6. PROXUS Administrator

    I will do full install with bluetooth next week on different Gallardo.
    I locked antenna under the metal shelve. It could be probably better to place it higher but there was some module mounted on the top of it and not enough of space. Since Gallardo frame is all aluminium and the rest is just fiberglass it's hard to find good place. We tested reception and it was enough.

    Cable worked fine, full access via VAG. Took about 10 minutest for ECU to update. Just looking at the color DIS makes me want one .... 8-[

    My main concern is screen frame script removal. I refinished one coat and covered frame with flat black enamel. I believe acrylic protective paint would be the best especially for usual wear and tear resistance. I guess time will tell.
  7. dexter2 New Member

    Lambo Gallardo

    Hello i have Lambo Gallardo with some RNS-E navi, but old maps.

    And i have Audi dvd maps for RNS-E

    Is possible to update Lambo Navi with Audi DVD's

    I need help

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