Lamborghini ! -> Bluetooth ? -> icelink ? -> Yes.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini' started by NSX JR, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. NSX JR New Member

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Nice! Two things: Was there no space on the inside to put the iPod somewhere? And did you take a look at the reverse camera thing (or was that the different Lambo?)? Actually three, how's the weather down there?
  3. NSX JR New Member

    1. The owner did not want the ipod inside the car. This was his preferred location.

    2. Don't worry. I have the Lamborghini wiring diagrams for the reverse camera system and the part numbers for the camera and camera controller. Downside: unit must be coded for Lamborghini for it to work.

    Yes, the backup camera is shown in the last picture... on top of the spoiler.

    3. 72 and sunny!
  4. takuem New Member

    Lambos have fully independent cliamatic control units! Nice.
  5. PROXUS Administrator

    that's pretty weird .... H70 with SW0040?
    I wonder what is different in their firmware :D
  6. Stoodo New Member

    The "F" Audi units were H70 and SW 0040.
  7. PROXUS Administrator

    you right, I forgot :D
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I'm sure it's the same software Audi had in the A4 "F" unit. Even the hardware is 70 in both cases. The "J" unit (with SDS) should be hardware 71.
  8. Mütze New Member

    How does it work with the cam? The same as in the Q7? It switches as soon the reargear is on? Do yo have a picture of the RNS-E in Rear-Cam mode?

  9. fritzner Member

    is the only issue with Lambo coding no SAT radio??.. that wouldnt be an issue in Europe since they dont have SAT radio any way or for those of us in the US without SAT..

    please post part numbers / schematics when you get a chance..

    and thanks for stopping by, it was nice to meet you.. wish we had more time to hang out.. glad you enjoyed the site-seeing loop..
  10. NSX JR New Member

    It was nice to meet you too for the short time I had left.

    The only other issue with the Lambo coding is the CAN signals. I'm not sure if they would be exactly the same as the B6/B7 CAN signals... but I do know that they are not the same as the C5/B5. This means at the very least that Lambo does send speed and reverse signals over CAN so the only question is if the data is in the same format or not. I suspect it is, but I have never had a B6 or B7 to test it in.

    I cannot post the actual wiring diagrams, but I am working on a document that will include the information from them.
  11. adrianma New Member

    is that a gallardo SE? the limited production one (250 i believe)
  12. NSX JR New Member

    Yes, the SE, and yes, limited to 250 in the 2006 model year.
  13. NSX JR New Member

    Just wanted to post an update on the reverse camera information. I have found some VW part numbers for the required parts that will total about $450 instead of $900+ for the Lamborghini parts. As soon as I verify these parts will work with VW wiring diagrams, etc. then I will post the findings here.

    Reminder: I am still 99% sure that the RNS-E must be coded for Lamborghini (01xxxxx) for the reverse camera to activate. The only downside to this is that Lamborghini software coding does NOT include satellite radio support, so it will not be available as a radio source.

    Still working... more to come soon.
  14. Mütze New Member

    Thanks for keeping us up to date :D.

    Mütze - who is waiting to see it working in his car ;)
  15. Mütze New Member

    Any news? Would like to install the rearcam ;).

    Thanks Mütze
  16. NSX JR New Member

    Okay, I’ve been sitting on this project too long and if I was going to be the “pioneer†for this then I should have done something with this info 2 months ago. Here’s the parts list:

    Lambo CAM ECU: 400 907 441 : $550 from Lambo
    VW CAM ECU: 7L6 907 441: $300 from VW

    Lambo/VW Camera: 7L6 980 551: $180 from VW, $390 from Lambo

    The thing I am waiting on is the wiring diagram for the Touareg so I can see how the CAM ECU is connected to the nav unit. I do know that the Lambo ECU uses a 16 pin connector and the VW ECU uses an 18-pin connector, so I assume that the connections may be different. The camera is connected to the ECU with a 6-pin connector. This connector carries signals for the video and +6V power to the camera unit. The Lambo ECU activates the camera in two different ways. First, if it gets +12V on the Reverse wire, it activates the camera indefinitely (as long as the +12V is active on the reverse wire). Second, if it gets a momentary ground signal on the “Switch Camera†pin, then it activates the camera for about 10-15 seconds then switches back off. The ECU sends this signal to the RNS-E to the RFSL pin C2. This is why I have stated that the coding of the RNS-E will most likely have to be for Lamborghini in order for the camera input to be activated simply by sending power to pin C2. You’ll also notice that the 16-pin connector also has connections for the camera but it uses the 6-pin connector for those.

    Pinouts for the Lambo CAM ECU:

    584A (6-pin connector)

    1: Vid In from camera

    2: Vid shielding GND

    3: GND to Camera

    4: +6V to Camera

    584 (16-pin connector)

    1: Kl.30

    2. Kl.31

    3. RFS (+12V input from reverse)

    4. Enable RNS-E (to pin C2 on RNS-E)

    5. Switch Camera On (momentary ground input for 10-second activation)

    6. GND to Camera (not used in Lambo)

    7. +6V Camera (not used in Lambo)

    8. Video Out-R (to RNS-E T32/32)

    9. Video Out-G (to RNS-E T32/16)

    10. Video Out-B (to RNS-E T32/31)

    11. Video Out-Sync (to RNS-E T32/15)

    12. Common Video GND Shielding (to RNS-E T32/30)

    13. Composite Video out (for use when TV tuner is also installed)

    14. Composite Video Shield (ditto)

    15. Vid In from camera (not used in Lambo)

    16. Vid shielding GND (not used in Lambo)

    That’s about all I’ve got for now. I really need to finish my research on the Touareg ECU because it’s bound to work with the RNS-E once you know what the video connections are.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Did anybody look further into this? Adding 12V+ or GND to C2 doesn't do anything, even with the RNS-E coded to 0111111 (Lambo).

    Did anybody work on a Lambo and capture the actual coding that was used on one with the rearview camera working?
  17. NSX JR New Member

    There was no special coding that I could find. I tried this as well with a Lambo retrofit unit and could not get the camera to automatically switch on.
  18. m_later New Member

    What parts are needed for the Bluetooth? Any additional coding on the unit?

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