JNV's A6

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by jnv, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. jnv Member

    now the multimedia system for the small of the house






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  3. jnv Member

    we change the steering wheel again

  4. jnv Member



  5. jnv Member

    new pieces



    OEM references:
    4F1 723 523C
    4F1 721 989
    4F1 864 777A
  6. jnv Member

    ..................and this is at the moment everything
  7. Akash Member

    I have to say, I am impressed!

    I have been wanting to do the front LED mod for a while but I know it requires a LOT of modifications to the bumper if not replacement...
    How much did it set you back?

    Nice car too - I think I would want to do the SDS mod too...At the moment, when I press the button, it beeps waiting for command but its for the phone only.
  8. PROXUS Administrator

    I like the RS6 steering wheel. Great pictures too.
    What is your next mod? .....I'm sure you have something already on your mind :D
  9. jnv Member

    Tks ;-)

    MMI 3G???? :-k:-k
  10. sambamans Member

    very nice

    looks very nice, if you ever find the time to put the spanich homelink post to english that would be a great post for the forum and me.

    My compliments on the very nice ride you have
  11. gtiller Member

    Great work!

    I am keen to know about your front bumper mod.

    You have replaced the front bumper cover for the S6 one.

    I tried to do the same over christmas, but ran into clearance issues with the pipes for the oil cooler and air conditioning condensor.

    Did you have any issues like this?

    I assumed that the mod didn't work with a 3.0 TDi, but it is refreshing to see you have succeeded.

    Do you have any more info that you could share.
    Part numbers?

    Thanks, and keep up the good work with the mods!!!!!!
  12. jnv Member

    indeed there is a small problem but easily it is solved, at least to my in the workshop of Audi made it to me easily and without problems

  13. jnv Member

    these pictures are of some few days ago


  14. sambamans Member

    looks very nice to bad my dealer does not understand the concept of upgrading
  15. jnv Member

    new mods.............

  16. jnv Member

    New front:




    To forgive for the pictures, they are not good
    As soon as has time I will make other better ones ;-)
  17. jnv Member

  18. jnv Member

    + pictures:



  19. jnv Member

  20. placemaking Member

    Hello. JNV.

    Your car is really impressive.

    Also I am very interested in your S6 mod and RS6 LED headlight.

    First, I ordered RS6 LED headlight for my '08 A6 3.2 Quattro and it has Xenon headlight without AFS. Would you please let me know detailed retrofit process including wires?

    I heard that I can re-use Xenon lamp and other bulbs. Is it true? And how do I make LED work without changing power module? Can I just connect existing DRL (Daylight Running Lamp) wires to LED?

    I really appreciate if you provide more detailed information.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  21. miselfi New Member


    check this post : http://audiforum.us/c6-platform/12060-adaptive-light-3.html#post74709


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