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Discussion in '8P platform' started by Brom, May 4, 2010.

  1. Brom New Member

    Hey Guys... I just became a proud Audi A3 owner.

    I'm very impressed. I'm starting to find all of the little hidey holes etc

    Now.. after only having it a week I want to fiddle with it and wondering if anyone can help :)

    The model I got was with the basic interior lighting package but since using the car Im finding a map light would be super useful. Looking on the internet it seem I can replace the existing main cabin light (above the gearsick) with a better unit from the upgraded interior lighting kit.

    1) How easy is it to replace this light assuming I get the right part. From my research its just a matter of popping the old light out; removing some screws. Remove and replace the microphone(s) and thats about it. Do I need to do any soldering or run more cables up for the extra lights?
    If its that easy Ill do it myself. If it needs a lot of effort ill get Mr Audi to do it.

    2) I cant seem to figure out exactly what part I need. I don't have a sunroof. I do want the LED's which shine down on the gearstick.
    Are there any good sites which have a good lookup system for parts.
    I found this 8E0947135 9NQ /Silver but not 100% sure its the right colour or model.
    I also saw
    audi a4 b5 interior light 99-01 2000 model breaking - eBay, Audi, Car Parts, Vehicle Parts Accessories. (end time 17-May-10 04:49:28 AEST)
    AUDI A4 2001 INTERIOR LIGHT : eBay Motors (item 230305189634 end time May-26-10 14:04:10 PDT)

    3) Recommendations on where to buy this sorta stuff. (Im in Australia but happy to ship from anywhere)
    Would prefer to not pay Audi RRP

    Anyhow.. the car is a Audi 2.0 TFSI Ambition Quattro S-Tronic Sportback in Condor Grey with Black & Silver interior.

    Thanks for the help guys...

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  3. izzwiz Member

    Its a straight forward swap. No soldering etc. needed. For your A3 you'll need the "silver" (9NQ) colour-code. The first link is the correct type (ambiente LEDs and reading lamps), but judging from the photo it doesn't look as "silver" but slightly darker.

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