Importing an Audi from Canada to the US

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Nardo, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Nardo New Member

    HI guys,

    since the c$ is very low and I have some money inm euros I want to buy an a5 in canada and drive it in california. I currently live in europe, but I will move to california in fall for 14 months. Do you think that I can buy the car in canada and drive it to california without any problems? Or do I have to pay customs and change some things to DOT regulations?

    It would be great if somebody has some ideas.

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  3. AudiDriver New Member

    not sure about details but you neet to pay customs since car is moved and registered in US. Also some changes need to be made to pass DOT inspection. As you know Canada has standards close to EU than US (km / miles etc).

    Why not to look around for deal in US and save yourself some trouble?
    Since a lot of people scaling down with their expenses (especially in Cali) you can find really good deals.
  4. Nardo New Member


    you know, I plan to take the car to europe when I will move back. Are you sure that I will have to pay customs? I thought that Canada, US and Mexico are in a custom free zone??
  5. hsinc New Member

    Even if Usa, Canada and Mexico are part of Nafta, custom and taxes exemptions apply only to goods manufactured inside the free trade zone. Audi does not make the A5 in North America so all Us federal and state taxes would apply.

    Also European cars are usualy sold at an inflated price in Canada (even taking into account the exchange rate). Many canadians are buying cars in the Us to import back in Canada.

    I agree that you should try an get a bargain on a new car in the Us (rent perhaps) or try to find a used one (usualy lots available).

    Appart from small differences like mph/kmh instruments and daytime driving lights the cars are mostly the same and it is usualy possible to get them legaly imported in the Usa or in Canada if they were ORIGINALY MANUFACTURED for the north american market (Check first before buying).

    You should also be aware that California has tough clean air laws and many cars even if sold in the rest of North America need to have special equipement to be registered in California (not sure about the A5).
  6. hsinc New Member

    base A5 3.2 Tiptronic:

    Canada: $Can: 53350.00 EUR: 32032.13

    USA: $Usa: 42000.00 EUR: 31260.49
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  8. Gary Card New Member

    that link to audinow no longer works.
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