I'm not very stupid...only "technologically challenged" with my Navigation! A6 C5 '05

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by mr.pliner, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Ladies and Gentleman,
    I must apologize in advance, since I KNOW, this topic was started like gazillion times. However, I've read some Q & A's and got even more confused... so..please help if you're willing....

    I have: 2005 A6 (made nov.11.2004 but if you punch VIN, it shows 2005) quattro 3.2, that was sold to US and bought by me from US.

    everything is fine, EXCEPT my MMI unit that does not play Russian NAV disks. I live in St.Petersburg. We have a navi-Russia but when I enter the disk, it shows map of the city but the encoding looks like Ô(%#*!@ wrong encoding...

    They say: Audi dealer says that they don't really know how to upgrade, but their tech guys are willing to PLAY with it, BUT.... if the electronics will "hit the bucket" (i.e. die), they will not be responsible!!!

    Quite understandable, I'm not agreeing for that option (well, neither would any of you).

    I've read some threads and understood something about the need of UPgrading the american to european version first. And then (I've heard) I should be able to upgrade european in to russian version.

    But I inserted the dvd of europe from A8 (germany) and it does read Finland for example. Therefore, I'm completely LOST!!!

    WHAT SHOUL I DO??? What unit do I have? Should I still "upgrade" to European version? If so, HOW? Where can get the step-by-step answers???
    Pleeeeeease help me!
    Mucho gracias,
    Yours truly,

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    Please DO NOT double post.

    Anyone wanting to reply to this, please do so in the thread in the MMI forum.

    Dirk - please delete this thread, I don't have Moderator rights in this forum.

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