How to retrofit shift paddles on an A7 (A6 C7)

Discussion in 'Audi A7' started by izzwiz, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. izzwiz Member

    I am posting this in the A7 section although the question is concerning an A6 C7. A friend of mine has bought a brand new (still in production and not yet delivered) A6 with S-tronic, but has just now been aware of the fact, that it comes with a steeringwheel without paddle shifters

    The question is now, if it's just a matter of changing the steeringwheel to one with paddles (and getting the proper airbag loom) and do a little VCDS coding or if the selvcancelling ring has to be replaced also? Has anyone any experience with this retrofit on the A7 (should be the same platform as A6 C7) ?

    If it's just a matter of changing the steeringwheel, he's a happy guy, because he want to get a S-Line edition anyway, but want's to make sure, that he won't end up with useless paddles.
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  3. izzwiz Member

    Well we took the chance and installed steeringwheel with paddles and activated bit 5 in byte 2 in the steeringwheel module, which did the trick.

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