How to replace a battery on an Audi A8 (4E)?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by billeuz2, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. billeuz2 Member


    My battery is five years old and I change it soon. I have seen on elsawin how to replace it.

    But on eslawin it's written that it is necessary to learn to the manager of battery that there is a new battery.

    Do you that with the VAGCOM tool I can do it or must I go to the Audi dealer?

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  3. billeuz2 Member

    FOr information with VAGCOM tool it is : 61.

    bye, :wink:
  4. Hi!

    Well it's kind of long story, but i'll try to make it short.
    We have bought 3 A8 in June-2007, 2x2005 and 1x2003.
    One of 2005'A8 is 4.2TDI and the driver forgot to turn off the lights and went home. The next morning he almost failed to start the engine (started after ~5th time). He was afraid that the battery is drained and went to the dealer for a replacement. The price is ~200 EUR for the battery and ~100 EUR for the coding. :shock:

    I had a problem with my battery as well since my car is 2003'A8. But I didn't want to buy a new one so I've took the battery replaced by my colleague and charged it and got inspected - it was perfect! :)

    So now I have installed a battery by myself w/o the coding (BTW, my dealer told me if I'll do so - the car won't start and it will be locked.) and everything is just working fine! 8)

    Any comments? Maybe i'm missing something? Maybe I did something that I will regret later?
  5. Paul H Member


    These cars are equipped with a battery management system that continuesly check the charging state of the bat. and decides to turn things on and off to prevend you from not beeing able to start the car.
    It also decides the if the alternator needs to charge or not.

    In order to do this the management needs to no what type of battery there is in the car and its state of chrge in the beginning.
    That's why you may not charge the car directly on the battery because the management does not calculate this in the state of charge and will shut things down because it thinks the battery is low, but it's not
  6. Dear Paul,

    I'm driving around since that time ~2-3 weeks. It looks like everything is okay and all the features are working correctly.
    Except that my BOSE doesn't sound exactly as it should (after the MMI SW update from 0770 to 2120...4220).

    As I understand my BOSE went to component protection mode and that is why the sound is so creapy, but all other stuff seems to be fine.

    Maybe if I'll connect the VAG-COM tool to the car there should be a list of faults, but are they influating the driving?
    I'll take a visit to the dealer in February (we have to wait a lot of time to get to the dealer), I will try to remove the component protection, get back battery level monitor and reprogramm the battery manager.
    As well my DIS is showing "Tyre pressyre! system malfunction" now for two or more months - i'll ask them to inspect the problem.

  7. maxjlone New Member

    When I start the car, the engine shuts off after 30 seconds. Then I get the message "energy level battery management." The electronics stay on so I assume the batter is okay and that this problem has something to do with the software. Is it that simple or is there something more serious? Thanks.
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