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    Decoding the part numbers:
    A typical Audi part number consists of 9 numbers (3 sets of 3) and a revision letter. The Nav Plus is always in the format XXX 035 192 X.
    The first three digits tell you the model of Audi. Typical numbers you will see are...

    * 8Z0: A2
    * 8L0: A3 (1st generation A3)
    * 8P0: A3 (2nd generation A3 and A3 Sportback 8PA)
    * 8D0: A4 (pre-2002 models, the B5 chassis)
    * 8E0: A4 (2002 and up, the B6/B7 chassis.)
    * 4B0: A6 (C5 chassis)
    * 4F0: A6 (C6 chassis)
    * 4BH: Allroad
    * 4D0: A8 (D2 chassis)
    * 4E0: A8 (D3 chassis)
    * 8N0: TT (TT's are not available with Nav Plus units.)
    * 8J0: TT MK2
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  3. sonin New Member

    Significance of revision letter

    How important is the revision letter? I would like to replace my climate control head unit due to button wear. The dealer says that only part # 8E0 820 043 BM will fit. The part # is common, but the revision letters BM are not
    I have the same question with regard to the Symphony II head unit.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The suffix letter is very important, especially with the climate control unit.

    The dealer is partially right - ANY 8E0 820 043 will PHYSICALLY fit your car, but most of the different suffix versions won't accept the coding needed for your particular car.

    I can't comment on the Symphony II in detail, but I suspect it may be like the RNS-E where some suffixes indicate the region (EU, US, etc.) so it's probable that a limited range of suffixes of the Symphony II will be suitable for your car.

    Browsing a copy of ETKA usually helps clarify these sort of issues.
  4. TGabriele New Member

    Usually I see part numbers end in one letter, but sometimes I see that letter proceeded by a U, V, or X. For example, I am looking at a new 2010 RNS-E from an A3 to do a faceplate mod for my B6 A4 and I see part #'s 8P0 035 193 D, 8P0 035 193 DU, 8P0 035 193 DV, 8P0 035 193 DX. Can someone explain the difference between the "suffix" suffix letters? Thanks!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The X suffix letter is an "eXchange" part i.e. a used repaired part.

    Can't shed any light on the U & V suffixes.

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