How to disconnect bluetooth module in 2007 Audi A4 (B7)

Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by daaron, May 6, 2014.

  1. daaron New Member

    I've got a factory-installed RNS-E with bluetooth in my B7. The RNS-E works fine, but the for the past two weeks, it is reporting No Telephone Available. It also started running down the battery at the same time, and I suspect it's a faulty bluetooth unit.

    Now, I know the bluetooth module is buried under the passenger seat. Does anyone know if there's a relatively easy way to unplug the bluetooth module without having to remove the seat and tear up the carpet?
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  3. mike3141 Member

    The bluetooth module gets power from the RNS-E. If you suspect that it's not getting powered off by the RNS-E you could disconnect the quadlock connector on the RNS-E and reconnect to reset it(?). Otherwise you'd have to pull the BT power leads out of the connector to disconnect it.
  4. daaron New Member

    Thanks for the reply! I started by disconnecting the entire quadlock so the battery wouldn't drain, but I'd like to get my stereo and navigation back even it means losing bluetooth. More specifically, I'd like to determine for sure whether the bluetooth module is the problem.

    So, you're suggesting pulling the individual power leads from the quadlock? That's my only option if I don't want to take out the passenger seat?
  5. mike3141 Member

    Since you're apparently LHD, it's actually under the driver's seat.
  6. daaron New Member

    Yes, LHD. Under the driver's seat then? An even better reason not to pull up the passenger seat.
  7. mike3141 Member

    And if you do decide to pull the seat don't forget to disconnect the battery and wait about 15 minutes to make sure the airbags are dead.
  8. daaron New Member

    So, pulling the individual power leads from the quadlock is my only option if I don't want to take out the driver's seat?
  9. mike3141 Member

  10. daaron New Member

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