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    Hi there,

    Has anyone ever tried to replace the Homelink garage door opener 8E0909511A in a 2006 TT with a 8K0907410C from a 2012 TT?

    I got a new Chamberlain garage door opener that requires a Security+ 2.0 (Homelink v4?) remote. My 2012 A6 is homelink v4 compatible and works but the 2004 A4 doesn't even recognize the remote that came with the new opener. Since the TT had both the 8E0909511A and the 8K0907410C factory installed (dependent on model year) I thought it might be possible to upgrade my 8E0909511A in the 2004 A4 B6 to a 8K0907410C to get the car working with the new garage door opener.

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