highway light / rain light on A6 (4F / C6) 2010?

Discussion in 'VAG codes' started by ketelapper, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. ketelapper Member

    Does anyone know if highway light and/or rain light can be activated on my A6 (2010)?

    These functions make the highbeam of the car (xenon) go on, when the switch is on "auto" and there is still daylight, and when:
    highway light = you drive over 140 km/h for over 2 minutes
    rain light = the wipers (on "auto") have swept over 7 times quickly


    (PS: rainclosing of windows and sunroof would still be welcome... couldn't on former 2006 car, but maybe on facelift 2010 car now?)
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    These functions wwork on a 2006 B7 RS4, so they shounld work on a 2010 C6 A6.

    BTW it runs the headlights on dipped beam, not high beam - that would be very anti-social!
  3. ketelapper Member

    I did find them :)

    Controller 09
    coding 07
    select 'rainlightsensor'

    change value to HEX
    the first two digits are byte 2
    +1 = rainlight
    +2 = highwaylight
    so value 3 means both functions on

    change value back to DEC and enter
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  5. placemaking Member

    What does 'Highway Light' function do?

    Is it a special function to help highway drive?

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Try reading the first post in this thread... where ketelapper posted:

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