Help with vag-com question!?

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by Jimirocker, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Jimirocker New Member

    Regarding a nearly solved problem with a G128 fault code- passenger seat occupied / open circiut intermittent...

    I have followed a tip from internet, to solder on a 470 ohm resistor on the circiut to the seat= No airbag lamp shows & no faultcode either...

    BUT - i do need to know how to check if the airbag system believe the seat is occupied or not? How do i find that out?
    Can somebody tell me how to use vag-com to do this part?
    (i want the system to believe someone is seated on passenger seat, rather then it thinks nobody is sitting there, but how do i control that?)

    Thank you in advance

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  3. Jimirocker New Member

    Played around with vag-com and found What i wanted to know!!
    For those who need to hijack the signal from passenger seat because of returning fault code G128 " 00656 - seat occupied sensor: passenger side (G128) 36-10 - open circiut intermittent "

    After soldering resistor, double check and make sure the system also thinks that somebody are seated in the passenger seat- otherwise no airbags will work for your passenger...

    In VCDS;

    - airbags - if no fault codes, continue with
    - adv. Meaus. Values
    - you need to choose " passenger seat occupied? "

    - check status underneith " actual " in the back window...

    If it says occupied, you can relax. Otherwise, your system thinks there no reason to blow those airbags in an accident / collission!

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