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Discussion in 'CD Navigation Plus' started by paul houghton, Aug 16, 2011.

  1. paul houghton New Member

    Hi everyone, im new to the forum, i own a 2001 8l s3, i have just purchased a navigation plus unit from a 2002 8l s3, i have a single din concert with bose cd changer and sub in the boot, i have been looking for a conversion loom from concert to nav plus but cant find one, i also need a tmc module and any associated wiring but again im struggling to find one, i also need a gps aerial which are readily available on ebay, i have purchased a complete double din centre console, is there any other parts i will need, i wondered if anyone new where i can purchase the loom and tmc module, any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks Paul
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  3. craigyb Active Member

    I did a search of "Audi TMC" on and found many TMC modules and wiring looms, the looms start at 27 euros and the TMC modules were expensive but I found one at 80 euros, but most seem to be over 100.
  4. paul houghton New Member

    there is only one cable and one module on uk site just had a look on german ebay and there are quite a few do i need to buy a specific module to suit my nav plus or will any audi tmc be ok

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