Help wanted for centralelectronics coding A3 MY 2010

Discussion in '8P platform' started by izzwiz, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. izzwiz Member

    I have an A3 MY 2010 equipped with rain/light sensor. I am about to retrofit entrylights, door warningslights, footwell lights, heated mirrors and illuminated doorhandles, but I need the right coding for the centralelectronics module which is quite different from my former 2007 model. Rosstech are still working on a release for the new modules and I'm not that keen on trial'n error coding if I can avoid it.

    The actual module/coding is:

    "Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: None
    Part No SW: 8P0 907 063 A HW: 8P0 907 063 A
    Component: BCM PQ35 M 105 0573
    Revision: 00105 AJ
    Coding: 06000A2CB0051AC0207040E00100005C43722AAA006DC12AE4008F800041"

    It would really be appreciated if anyone with a 2010 model and one or more of the above configurations could post their actual coding for the centralelectronics module.

    Thanks in advance
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  3. I would wait for Rosstech for a new release.

    It's even diferent from a 09 car.

    Patient my friend!
  4. izzwiz Member

    I'm feeling quite patient ;0)

    Earlier Rosstech announced that an update would be released 3 weeks ago, but unfortunately it has been delayed (no known releasedate). Anyway, there must be a number of MY 2010 cars out there and maybe a few of the owners are Audifourm members (with VCDS) ;0)

    In the meantime my needs have increased: I now also need the activation code for heated mirrors.

    Merry Christmas to everyone.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Ross-Tech have a history of a major update to VCDS just before the Christmas holidays, and Uwe has hinted on his Yahoo! group that the same will happen this year.

    So in a few days time there will be a major update to VCDS...
  5. Issac Hunt New Member

    I am doing a few jobs to my A3 cabrio that need coding (BT install being the main one). I was chatting to the tech at Audi today and he tells me 2010 model year A3's need connectiong to the VAS server to have any ECU adaptions/coding changes done. Something about SVM codes?

    I thought SVM codes only apllied to stuff like the B8 A4. Is the 2010MY A3 affected this way? I thought not but didnt want to get into an argument with the guy at Audi.
  6. a8 tech Member

    No they don't.
    Svm is standard for most platforms but that's only to recode to factory spec or approved retro fit, you can use vcds but as of 2010 address 46 is now in address 09 so the functions for 46 can be viewed in 09 central electrics.

    Send your logs to rosstech and they will decode with longcode helper.The codes will be overwritten if the dealer runs a svm test and accepts the suggested code change from the fazzit server.

    The dealer has no information for the long code(meanings) so if they need to replace 09 then they send a request via svm which checks the pr code and then enters the longcode via a uplink which encodes the control unit and checks for current code changes for improvements etc
    I have enabled drl and retro fitted folding mirrors with vcds for 2010 8p a3 via vcds
  7. izzwiz Member

    Hi Dave.

    You were right! This morning I downloaded the 9.12 beta version, but still no long coding help for the central electronics module :0(

    So please, if there are anyone out there with a 2010 model A3 and activated footwell/entry/warninglamps out there, who could post their coding, they'd make my day.

    Merry Christmas to everyone!

  8. izzwiz Member

    It seems, that this is not correct, as "A8 tech" also says. My Audi-dealer also told me that retrofitting RNS-E in my 2010 model could only be done with their assistance because of the SVM-codes. This was not correct. I have retrofitted RNS-E and SDS and it worked like a charm.

  9. cpufixer1 New Member

    I have just completed installing heated mirrors. Just buy the heated replacement glass. Then tell the 'Drivers' and 'Passenger' door module it has heated mirrors. It's just a check box.
  10. izzwiz Member


    I still haven't been able to find out how to code the central electronics to support footwell lighting and still no news from Rosstech, so if anyone knows how to code a module (8P0 907 063 A) from the 2010-model it would be greatly appreciated. The coding is totally different from for example a 2009 model, so it has to be the "8P0 907 063 A" hardware version. I've done some (quite a bit) trial and error, but haven't found the right bit yet
  11. MacNee New Member

  12. NHN Member

    Yeah this new module as A8Tech has correctly noted has changed to module 09 & seems to now also be a combined convenience module as has the different frequencies that convenience had as in 5D1, 5D2 & so on.

    Funny the power module change also coincides with the start stop system aswell by the looks of etka.

    I have an updated onboard electrics module to a P from a K & it seems to either be faulty which I'm finding hard to believe or the coding even on the new vcds beta 10 isnt available, as I get flashing red led's in the car upon turning headlights on, only happens then & the previous K works fine atm no flashing, so somethings amiss.

    Tested on my other A3 highend board car & another person has gone from K to P & does same, so either the boards are going out with faults or there is as I said coding not discovered by RT yet.

    Whats strange is the label file lists P as a known board & the K does supersede to the P in etka, have to email RT again.
  13. 3waygeek New Member

    Don't know if this will help, but here's the coding for my 2010 A3 TDI:

    Address 09: Cent. Elect. (J519) Labels: NONE
    Part No SW: 8P0 907 063 D HW: 8P0 907 063 D
    Component: BCM PQ35 M 105 0575
    Revision: 00105 AK
    Coding: 2E000A2FB01336E4287241E001100D4D417E62AA106DD129E40008840040
    Shop #: WSC 06314 000 00000

    Part No SW: 8P1 955 119 F HW: 8P1 955 119 F
    Component: Wischer AU350 H10 0040
    Coding: 00DD13

    Part No SW: 8K0 910 557 HW: 8K0 955 559 A
    Component: REGENLICHTSEN H04 0003
    Coding: 024C2D

    Part No: 1K0 951 605 C
    Component: LIN BACKUP HO H05 1501
  14. NHN Member

    Well may help as only difference mainly is the frequency that I can see, so worth a try for him as there's only A, C & D modules, he just needs to note his original coding before he plays.
  15. izzwiz Member


    I finally pulled myself toghether and installed the footwell lamps. On the new 2010 model you have to get the power for the lamp from pin 50 in the white "B-connector". I then activated bit 0 in byte 10. As a new feature I am now able to have the footwell light lit when driving (and instrument lights are on) by activating bit 5 in byte 12. The lamps can be dimmed via the DIS.

  16. There is some development over at, check it here (google translation from german)
  17. NHN Member

    What developement as I see nothing new.
  18. drdrewusaf New Member

    I have the same thing happening, but only after coding with 10.6.0 - and my car came with the P revision. Maybe I didn't blow my board after all.

  19. NHN Member

    I'll grab my coding for you tomorrow & try that mate, whats your current coding & adaptation channel maps?

    I doubt your board is blown mate so dont worry, we're not alone, mine was resolved by my audi friends, but god knows why, maybe we can work out the issues between us as it still bothers me it was coded fine, according to VCDS anyway.
  20. drdrewusaf New Member

    Here's my coding and adaptation channels. I'm not sure any of these are the culprit...I've only changed the coding in central electronics to get my tail lights to work properly, but changing back to the original coding doesn't remedy the flashing. So, at this point I'm not sure what caused the flashing in the first place...although a couple of ideas have crossed my mind, like maybe just the act of looking at/reading the central electronic sub-controllers (wiper and rain/light sensor) caused it. Again, not sure...


    Adaptation Channel 001:
    Stored value 30

    Adaptation Channel 002:
    Stored value 30

    Adaptation Channel 003:
    Stored value 10

    Adaptation Channel 007:
    Stored value 1

    Adaptation Channel 008:
    Stored value 4000

    Adaptation Channel 009:
    Stored value 8

    Adaptation Channel 013:
    Stored value 3

    Two side notes...First, I would like to try an "ecu reset" to see if it has an effect, but damned if I can find a triple square tool set around here. Second, it wouldn't surprise me if the root cause was the new version of VCDS as it seems to be missing a lot of descriptions for still-valid coding options...almost like they rushed it out.


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