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    Electric latch full automatic soft top retrofit A3 CABRIO 2010 8P7

    The purpose of this guide is to retrofitted the factory option full electric lock soft top

    On A3 PLATFORMS 8p7 cabriolet face lift 2010-2011.

    The handle for the manual lock top was an issue for my wife so I undertook to study and explore the possibility of upgrading the roof to full automatic latch.

    The bigger challenge was to insert and run the wiring from the rear left corner roof electronics ECU J 256 to the front of the motor latch .

    The easier way of doing this was to separate the new loom wire to its two sections, one being the harness for the rear heating windscreen that we will not use since all cars have it installed and the rest of the loom that will install and only travels on the left side of the canvas under the inner trim .By doing this we achieve the following :

    -The roof does not need to come of the car in order to access under the windscreen and replace the heating wires that travel all the way to the rear windscreen on both sides.

    -The rest of the loom wire runs easier on its own across the left side of the canvas and to the front of the latch motor without remove the complete inner trim but only the left edges .

    Parts required :

    The key part is to determine the different extension letters FT (with electric soft top ) from FN.(hydraulic top):

    ECU 8p7959255 B from C (B version drives the latch motor) paid 60Euros second hand

    Front trim cover 8P7871277 (old one will not fit due to the latch motor )120 euros (new)

    Wiring harness for convertible top lock part no 8p77972387A 80euros new.

    THIS is the wiring harness that is basically twin looms and you need to separate the one part that controls the heating glass and will not be used from the rest of the harness .

    Left bracket lock 8P7871405 50euros new

    Right bracket lock 8P7871406 50 euros new

    Motor latch 8P7898925


    The best option is to search for the complete attached unit that has the latch motor and links together second hand ,I got mine for 150 euros .

    Electric wiring and pin lay out:

    On bellow image the pin 13 of plug T20p of j256 goes directly to the switch F206 that manually opens the roof latch. [​IMG]

    On above image you can see the difference on T20p/13 were the connection is going now on F294switch that connects via your T10z main plug harness that it is all ready in the car .


    T10 plug on above image.


    T20P above

    Motor latch pins for v223:

    -T10y pin1-pin 5 T10z

    -T10y pin2-pin 8T10z


    T20p 13 CUT AND CONNECT TO T10Z/7 Thus connects to F294 open switch of motor V223.

    F295 is your closed switch on motor v223.

    So the only modification on wiring is to cut pin 13 that previously was connected to open switch of F205 (on the manual handle mechanism ) and bridge it to t20p/13 so the ECU can monitoring the open close hatch while the motor is running the latch.

    Obviously you will have to insert the new Pins on the T10 and T 20 plugs for the motor drive and the switch .


    Old ECU with C extension.


    New ECU with B extension (electric latch)


    Motor latch installed


    Completed latch mechanism above


    With cover on.

    That was my last retrofit on my wife A3 cabriole 2010

    So far I have fitted :

    Full auto Park assist(turns steering on its own)

    Parktronic front back



    Rear camera WITH TRAJECTORY LINES accomplished with R8 ECU

    White instrument display

    Rain sensor

    Auto beam assist mirror

    Bosh subwoofer

    Multi function steering wheel

    Home link

    LED fogs front

    That’s all AUDI LOVERS

    From Greece

    Aris .Danikas
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    1.tried, cant do it at the moment. a last resort and to contribute to the forum i redirected the information since i could easily upload it on the other forum and anyone interested can have access to it.
    3.thank you for the effort could have been nice...

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