fw. upgrade MMI 3G possible ?

Discussion in 'MMI' started by Igi, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. kris.2010 Member

    AS program erases all old map keys

    to the map 555 is notpossible use the key SVM

    You need to upload a map 2010, 2011 or 2012
    and use key upload

    labor cost 150 euro

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  3. wasseng New Member

    Thanks Kris for the straight answer, That was what i feared. Maps are to old. Will not be able to get the maps for 150€ here in Sweden though. More like 400€. Hoping my local dealer will help me out.

    To bad that you are not located in Sweden!! You helped me out allot in your other posts in this thread, you know the MMI better than anyone else i've met!!! Im à beginner and I still understand more than the local dealer :)
  4. djlex Member

    Hello guys,

    My car is 2010 A8 4.2 TDi, and my MMI version is HN+_EU_AU_P0065
    I have MMI touch with internal HDD, and everything. Which update CD should i order? And which is the newest version for me?

    I ask this, because i consider my actual version quite unstable.

    For example, the Background menu disappears from the MMI, and comes back when it likes. Plus, when i got the car, i could change the colour of the interior lighting, now i only can change the brightness.
    I had an update as instructed by the dealer (they called me in as there was an Audi Action). After the update, i have the problem with the menu, and also, Garage door opener menu, grays itself when i try to use it, and displays a message - "the selected system is currently unavailable".

    Help appreciated.

    Thank you.
  5. Mark Hudson New Member

    I have a 2009 A4 B8 With retrofitted MMI Basic, what firmware update discs would i require. My systems current version is : BNav_EU_P0029_D1 with nav database: 4G0 919 884 D_ECE 5.8.4. My Systems part number is :8T2 035 652 F and it is a 2010 unit. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  6. wasseng New Member

    Mark, you might find your answer in the erWin-database? https://erwin.audi.com/erwin
    I used this resources to find out what version I needed. Hope it helps! //Joakim
  7. Mark Hudson New Member

    Are there multiple update discs that I have to do or can I do the latest one and all the older updates will be on my system ? Also what section of Erwin would I have to go into ?

  8. lionel clerc New Member

    i have exactly the same car with exactly the same problemes has you
    do you have an idea about this probleme ?
    thx in advance
  9. 4F-Devil Member

    You have a problem.
    Your MMI is an old version 9410. The new HMIs are 9411th. The last offical version for 9410 is P_66..
    You can try your MMI switch to this new software. Some MMIs do that, do hang away and also are destroyed.
    When you life in gemany, i can help you.
  10. lionel clerc New Member

    thx for the responce

    i already change my MMI for a 2012 in 3G the first one was in 2G
    i update the firmware to 783 and it's with this firmware than i have this trouble
    i cannot put the k900 because i use the carlson patch for the 6.20 map and with this k900 the patch doesn't work anymore :(

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