fw. upgrade MMI 3G possible ?

Discussion in 'MMI' started by Igi, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. wasseng New Member

    Found several never versions available today - Some of which you guys have discussed.

    Could not find out what systems they where compatible with though...

    Anyways, bought my first Audi a month ago, A5 Coupé from 2009. Had the software version K0022 for the MMI 3G Navigation Plus. According to the erWin databas I need to upgrade to version K0031, before upgrading further. Latest version I could find out on erWin was K0206. So that means that I need to find out what partnumbers for K0031 and K0206. You got any ideas?
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  3. wasseng New Member

    Oh, think I just found them on erWin :) Btw - I'v got MMI Navigation Plus (MMI3G / EU with partno 8YQ) - So I guess that 8R0906961AS is the latest version for my setup.

    Step 1 - Uppgrade
    MMI Navigation Plus (8YQ eller 8AJ): 8R0 906 961 T SVM-kod: 3GHEU031

    Step 2 - Uppgrade
    MMI Navigation Plus (8YQ eller 8AJ): 8R0 906 961 AS SVM-kod: 3GHEU206

    Will try to do this next week!
  4. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Congratulations you are the first who did use of search and find the solution himself.Remember that after the updates you should apply an SVM action at the dealership.
  5. wasseng New Member

    Thanks a4ssabt...but I still need to ask some lame ass questions since I can seem to find the answer for myself. Here goes, after the installation the SVM-kod should be entered to complete the installation...and this is normally done by the dealer with their VAS-tesinstrument.

    After reading all your posts Im still confused if this needs to be done or not. If I understand you guys correctly everything worked fine after upgrade, but you got error codes in VCDS. Then you solved how to calculate code for resetting the error message using VCDS.

    Someone posted that the SVM only was for letting the central database know that you installed the part, someone else stated that it actually downloaded more software to the car that was not no the CD...

    I haven't already bought Ross-Tech:s VCDS (and HEX CAN cable) but plan to. As I understand it VCDS can not go on-line like the VAS-test instrument that the dealer has...but can I still complete the installation myself and fix the error codes that might arise? ...Or do I need to book a time at my dealer with every upgrade step just to update VAS?
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No unfortunately the VCDS cannot replace the online SVM with VAS.
    Altought with VCDS you can for example correct the 03276 error and a lot of other useful functions. I would always suggest the VCDS for sure.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator


    Any other diagnostic software that an owner can buy would be a very poor second best to VCDS.
  7. wasseng New Member

    But do you actually NEED to do the SVM? In one of your first posts you did your upgrade yourself...

    If you really NEED to do the SVM for the unit to work correctly I might as well give this up and hand in the car to the dealer to do the entire upgrade the software?
    To bad...I thought I might be able to do this myself :/

    Still...learnt allot this week about the MMI/erWin/software mods though...will get the VCDS for sure ;)
  8. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I always did the updates by my self with the help of VCDS for the "03276 Check SVM..." for the previous versions but with the latest 0206 I had the 03175 Invalid Data error that was absolutely impossible to erase without the dealership.
    Anyway never did a firmware update to the dealer only the maps.
  9. wasseng New Member

    Thanks a4ss4abt, I'll contact the dealer. Also aksed in a Swedish forum if someone has access to VAS in my area...might be that I can get someone to do the SVM for me even if I do the uppgrade myself. :) Cheaper that way :)
  10. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I didn't understand from what area are you coming anyway about the Scan-Tools I wanted to point that :

    I'm using with satisfaction the VCDS from 2005 (I retrofitted a lot of components on my previous A4-A8-Q7)and from last year I have the VAS 5054A that i bought having a GOLF6.
    There I did the error to think it was possible with VAS to flash the units but where you cannot do anything offline exactly like the latest AUDI.

    So I know very well both the tools and I can confirm you that VCDS is the faster,the easiest and the only one that gives you the long-coding helper, essential on the new cars. If you have a doubt Ross-Tech support will always help you . I just installed the memory seats function In my A5 and there was no way to correctly code them but they sent me a special label just to do this job and now everything is perfectly working. The guy who use the VAS to my dealership without the online connection is dead and often asks my help for his jobs at home!!!!!
  11. wasseng New Member

    Might be some translation errors :)

    I will buy Ross Tech VCDS...I do not doubt you that it is a great product and one that I will have much use of. :) I am not interested in buying VAS.

    What I meant is that I will try to find a dealer with the VAS-equipment that can go online. But I only need the dealer for the entering the SVM online...not the installation itself...so going to the local official Audi-dealer might not be my chepest option since they will want to do the entire installation.

    Thanks again, this was an interesting thread to read! Best of luck //J
  12. alvisescarpa New Member

  13. neo_andersson Member

    Hi guys,
    Can somebody point me to the right part number of update CD for Audi A8 4H with MMI 3G+ Touch Version?
    I am trying to update MMI to make it work with the new red AMI cable for ipod/iphone video and cover art.
    Based on my research i need 8R0 906 961AM but i want to be 100% sure.
    Thanks a lot.
  14. mickymix Member

    I don't know which version you have but on my MMI3G+ Touch, it worked immediately... I'll tell you tomorrow which version is running on...
  15. neo_andersson Member

    I am running version 0180 on front MMI (5F) and 0181 on rear MMI (7F).
  16. kris.2010 Member

    you have A8 2010 ....AM lilled units
  17. neo_andersson Member

    kris : AM disk goes for both units? 5F and 7F?
  18. wasseng New Member

    OK - So I actually did get around to update my MMI last week
    Setup: HNav_EU_K00022_2_D1
    Nav. database version: 8R0060884_ECE 5.5.5

    Updated to K0031 (with 8R0 906 961 T) last week and all went well!

    Updated to K0206 (with 8R0 906 961 AS) this saturday and the navigation said "The navigation data is blocked". Since I didn't update any maps I thought all would be resolved when I did the SVM.

    So went to my Audi dealer today and we did the SVM-update for K0206. VAS did report that the SVM-update went well, no fault-codes reported in VAS after SVM. ***BUT STILL the navigation says "The navigation data is blocked"

    So I'm a bit stuck at the moment...you got any ideas? Is my new train verison not compatible with my old 2009 maps?

    Train Version: K0206
    MU Software: 0174

    Software version: HNav_EU_K0206_3_D1
    Nav. database version: *** blank ***
  19. wasseng New Member

    I'm hoping that it might be that the nav data only needs activation according to 3. below...bit of bad luck for me though since I don't have that activation code for my old maps.

    Possible reasons for "The navigation data is blocked" according to TPI 2027504/5
    1. MMI-update (K0072) has been done without intermediate update to version (K0031)
    2 . Bad translation...An MMI update has been made immediately after changing the "controller for control and display unit(?)" without previously finishing a complete diagnostic session with the new controller
    3. A navigational update has been implemented without decoupling
    4. MMI lost the activation key during the operation

    Technical background:
    1. Activated data no longer readable
    2. Activated data no longer readable
    3. The use of navigational data requires activation
    4. Activated data no longer readable

    1. Ask a technical inquiry to get additional repair instructions
    2. Ask a technical inquiry to get additional repair instructions
    3. Activate navigational data - (in VAS) Audi-updates / SVM - activation / 1 - Activate newly purchased data / funktions
    4. Find software version in diagnostic address 5F
    * If version 47 or 49 - First do Intermediate update to K00031 (with disc 8R0 906 961 T) according to TPI 2019922
    * If version 107,143,146 or 167 - Do upgrade according to TPI 2019922
    * Update SVM
  20. a4ss4abt Active Member

    You must re-activate the navigation Data. You are not the first with this problem after the firmware update. Start a conversation with me , maybe I have something to try just to restore your FSC directory.

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