fw. upgrade MMI 3G possible ?

Discussion in 'MMI' started by Igi, Jul 22, 2010.

  1. Igi Member

    Is there possibility to upgrade MMI 3G fw. like it is possible for MMI 2G fw. (5570) ?

    Are there any upgrade CDs, or it is part of map DVD, like for RNS-E ?


    I know MMI 2G and RNS-E, but no experience with MMI 3G yet.
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  3. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes MMI 3G can be updated via CD like the old 2G but only the internal Firmware not the MAPS
    The procedure it's quite the same of 2G system (SETUP+RETURN)
    AUDI did 2 Update CDs
    P.N. 8R0 906 961
    P.N. 8R0 906 961 J
    and the latest one should be coming out with the
    P.N. 8R0 906 961 N
    but it seems they have stopped it because there are some problems to solve at this moment.
  4. Igi Member

    Thanks. Do you know the fw numbers like was 5570 for MMI2G, because I want to know, which version is in the car, before I spend money for update CD, although it's 2,50 EUR only.
  5. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I believe that the correspondance of the 8R0 906 961 is the vers. EU_K0016_D1 and for the 8R0 906 961J is the vers. EU_K0022_2_D1.
    Obviously I don't know the version of the new 8R0 906 961 N.
    In MMI 3G pressing SETUP under the CAR menu you will find the info of the installed MMI version.
  6. nlrela Member

    Maybe a stupid question, but where can I see / find (as end customer) which FW version is available ?
  7. a4ss4abt Active Member

    The End Customer can ask informations to his AUDI dealer which can certainly be informed by the ELSA 's TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) or He can subscribe to Elsa directly or to Ebahn for the US market (cheaper).
    Obviously there are a lot of Audi Dealers which suggest you to change the car just to have the latest FW.:lol:
  8. Igi Member

    So there is no need to go to Audi dealer to activate it by VAS through SVM, if I understand it right (like for maps upgrade). Correct ?
  9. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes correct
  10. seba6250 New Member

    have someone link to download new firmware for mmi 3g??
  11. sbaffi Member

    Well, the system has been updated...and the DAB is not recognized anymore :(
  12. a4ss4abt Active Member

    What do you mean exactly?
    System version?
    Update Cd?
  13. sbaffi Member

    EU_K0022_2_D1 --> 8R0 906 961 J

    Few things needed update, the DAB one of them.

    Now it is gone and even after deleting all the DTCs via VCDS it is gone. I am sure I have seen a window at the end of the update with SVM written on it, so I wonder if that is needed after the upgrade. Pity I could not read it completely because the MMI rebooted
  14. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Very strange indeed because I used that CD to adjust the firmware of my DAB and it is perfectly working after those updates.
    Anyway at the end of the update I. Don't remember SVM requests
  15. sbaffi Member

    My 670 has been always a little bit strange and the DAB as well.

    I have another 670B and got another o61 radio, I will try to swap them and see if there is any changes/improvements.
  16. Igi Member

    In ETKA 817 there are also 8R0 906 961 P, Q, R, S, maybe someone would know, which is for MMI 3G with HDD, if anyone is.
  17. a4ss4abt Active Member

    No only the 8R0 906 961 N is for the MMI PLUS EUROPE (with HDD) and it is actually stopped cause it seems that the MMI update damages the Bt module on the 5F unit. Anyway Here the complete list:

    CDs for MMI3G-Softwareupdates:

    MMI Navigation Plus (7T6): 8R0 906 961 N SVM-Code: 3GHEU029
    MMI Navigation (8DP & 7T2): 8R0 906 961 P SVM-Code: 3GBEU029
    MMI Radio Plus (8DP & 7Q0): 8R0 906 961 Q SVM-Code: 3GREU029
    MMI Radio (8DN & 7Q0): 8R0 906 961 Q SVM-Code: 3GREU029
    MMI Navigation Plus (7T6) NAR: 8R0 906 961 R SVM-Code: 3GHUS114
    MMI Radio Plus (8DP & 7Q0) NAR:8R0 906 961 S SVM-Code: 3GRUS114
  18. Igi Member


    the problems with 961 N are probably true, because wife's new Q5 has still 961 J.

    So I won't test 961 N, better to wait for new one.
  19. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I don't understand why HarmanBecker BT units are always very difficult to update but they are repeating the errors done in old MMI 2G with a big difference now you cannot change only the Bluetooth hardware but the entire 5F unit
  20. darek70 Member

    Did you update software in all modules of radio, especially MAINAPP and DAB?
    What is the version of software of radio now?
  21. sbaffi Member

    Hi Darek,

    I will check the version later and yes, DAB and MAINAPP were updated.

    Even in user defined update mode I cannot update anything because all the applications are up to date, as expected. No errors logged anywhere.

    I think it's my 670 unit. I plugged in a newer 670 A from 2009, of course it is still in CP so no media works and navi is still stuck somewhere in Germany, but in the radio menu I can see a greyed-out DAB function.

    I will try to swap in a newer DAB radio and have Audi remove CP soon.

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