FS: RNS-E Navigation Unit for 2008+ Audi TT

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by nene, Jan 4, 2014.

  1. nene New Member

    For Sale: RNS-E Unit for Audi TT (MK II : 2008+)
    Price: $700 + shipping
    Location: Boston, MA

    Package includes:
    - RNS-E OEM Navigation Unit (8P0 035 192)
    - GPS Antenna
    - Radio keys for removal of your current unit

    Never installed as I sold the Audi TT that this unit was going to be installed in.
    Not a scratch on the face plate. It is an Audi OEM RNS-E unit.
    Normally retails for $1300+

    Ready for shipping.

    Current loaded firmware details:
    - For non-Bose Audio
    - For multi-function steering wheel
    - Bluetooth disabled
    - IPod adapter enabled
    - TV Tuner disabled
    Firmware can be updated/changed to enable any of the features that are disabled.[​IMG]


    E-mail me or post if interested.
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