Front Parking light remove HELP!

Discussion in 'C6 platform' started by maximyershov, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. maximyershov Member

    Does anyone know (ELSA) how to remove from parking lights on '08 A6. I need to replace the bulbs. Thanks
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  3. capjones New Member

    Do you mean the orange ones? (I call them sidemarkers, but maybe they're the ones your referring to) Pop off the fog light grills and reach through the hole. Then feel around and push the whole unit out.

    While you're at it, you can replace them with clear ones to jetison the only ugly orange reflectors on the car.

    (speaking as an '07 S-line owner)
  4. maximyershov Member

    No not those. By parking light I should have said Fog lights (ones pictured). I want to replace them from orange-shh OEM to pure white but would save me a lot of time to know how to replace them properly. Thanks

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  5. capjones New Member

  6. maximyershov Member

    Where can I get the clear lens housing for sidemarkers? Thanks
  7. maximyershov Member

  8. capjones New Member

    I got them from this dude on ebay: (I have no affiliation)

    06-08 AUDI A3 8P S LINE CLEAR BUMPER SIDE LIGHTS 2007 - eBay (item 310266129793 end time Nov-27-10 21:20:58 PST)

    Others from: (this one either)

    Audi A3 FWD 2.0T > Lighting > Side Markers > ES#251553 Audi A3 OE Texture Style Clear Bumper Side Marker Lenses - ECS8PCLR-A

    Generally, I think the ebay buyers were happier. The last outstide-forum-reference didn't get me in trouble yet, so here's another to read the discussion...

    Great news for orange side marker haters. - AudiWorld Forums
  9. maximyershov Member

    Is A3 and A6 side markers are the same? I need it for A6.
  10. capjones New Member

    Yep. Both use the same part. If you view the thread from above, you'll see pics of them installed on my (and others') A6's.
  11. maximyershov Member

    Cool beans. I will put it on my "to get list" after I am done with Subwoofer install, amp rack and eyelids. Thanks for the info.
  12. eakint New Member

    I lost my right/side front bumper amber marker light. I am having difficulty finding an Amber colored replacement online. There are a bunch of clear or smoke colored ones available. Anyone know where to find pasenger side amber bumper side marker for '06 A6? It would be appreciated. I found plenty of posts (like this one) where people are trading out for clear, so I figured someone must have an amber they want to clear off their shelf. If not, maybe help point me in the right direction. Thanks,

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