For sale: various navigation/retrofit parts

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    Have a lot of navigation parts for sale. Contact me at

    OEM RNS-E display frame, non glossy (pre 2010 & 2010/2011 MY units), EURO 45

    OEM RNS-E PU display frame, glossy (2010/2011/2012 MY units or to upgrade your exisiting RNS-E to the MY 2011 look), EURO 75

    OEM RNS-E replacement display, pre-2010 units (192-part#)
    NEW: EURO 199
    USED (100% functional, though, scratches in the anti-glare surface): EURO 100

    OEM RNS-E PU replacement display, 2010/2011/2012 MY (193-part#)
    NEW: EURO 249
    USED (100% functional, though, scratches in the anti-glare surface), EURO 175

    OEM DVD player for MMI 2G Audi A6 > 2005 A8 A4 B8 > 2008, EURO 225

    OEM RNS-E replacement DVD player, pre-2010 units (192-part#), EURO 249

    OEM RNS-E PU Mainboards/motherboards for USA/Canada or rest of the world (you specify). No pin required - SDS function included - double SD card reader included,
    EURO 275

    OEM RNS-E/RNS-E PU (all model years) faceplates. A3 front (US with FM/AM button or RADIO button) A6 < 2005, A4, A2 & Lamborghini, TT, R8, EURO 225

    Faceplates w/o buttons:
    A6 EURO 125
    A3 EURO 100
    A4 EURO 100

    OEM RNS-E replacement display flat/ribbon cable, pre-2010 units (192-part#), EURO 99

    OEM RNS-E PU replacement display flat/ribbon cable, 2010/2011/2012 MY (193-part#),
    EURO 150

    OEM RNS-E replacement DVD player flat/ribbon cable, pre-2010 units (192-part#)/ RNS-E PU replacement DVD player flat/ribbon cable, 2010/2011/2012 MY (193-part#, EURO 135

    OEM Audi iPod Adapter w/cable harness, EURO 150

    OEM AMI Audi Music Interface RNS-E – Retrofit for Audi A5, 8T0 035 785, EURO 450

    OEM Audi CD Changer w/cable harness, compatible with RNS-E (8E0 035 111D), EURO 199

    RNS-E MP3 Music Interface, EURO 75

    Glovebox single DIN DVD Player w/ remote control, EURO 50

    All prices ex. shipping. Payments by PayPal. Contact me at
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    tried to reach you, not getting a response unless its intentional :confused:
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    Sent an email about a 193 screen. Want to order asap please.

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