Fog Lamp Grille 2001 replacement

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by GSE7530leader, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. GSE7530leader New Member

    I lost the driver's side fog lamp grille from my black 2001 A8L . I sucessfully replaced it by calling 877-270-PART. I think it is MA - USA. "Bailey" was my guy and he was very knowedgable. He did about 20 minutes of research, which included me taking off the passenger side grille and giving him the part number.
    Driver's # 4DO 853 635B
    Passenger # 4DO 853 636

    The unit cost about $82 and arrived within three days (before the credit card charge!). It is a genuine Audi part made in Germany in factory package (BTW - the German word for Grille is "gitter").

    These little grilles are easy to pop off and lose. I used a black zip tie to "safe" them when I put them back on.
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