Firmware Update MMI Plus (3G HDD)

Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by nlrela, May 19, 2011.

  1. nlrela Member

    Just asked my dealer whether he can make an update.
    Well that was no problem as long as I do pay about 350 USD .....

    Are there any cheaper possibilities ?
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  3. kris.2010 Member

    You need map EU or US??
  4. mickymix Member

    @kris.2010: you should have some PM... ;-)
  5. enry68 Member

    Kris can you help me to update also my MMi 3G HDD on my a6 ?

  6. Roland New Member

    Hi Kris, also looking for updated firmware for the 2010 S5 MMI 3G HDD, is there and update available, the last time I contacted my dealer there was nothing available
  7. Roland New Member

  8. abbyl75 New Member

    Also interested by firmware update for MMI 3G HDD and EU maps.

    Kris could you contact me?

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