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Discussion in 'Aftermarket' started by Awulf, Jun 10, 2009.

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  4. JohnS3 Member

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    No mention of RDS or TMC - which IMHO is a major omission of previous products of this type (dynamic navigation using TMC has saved me many hours in traffic jams - it saved me an hour on Thursday when the M27 was almost blocked for several hours by a major accident).
  5. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    We have heard and seen these a lot on Audizine. They are made by some company, usually Dynavin. The only issue with these units is that, the sound quality isn't as great as the OEM units since the amps suck, but if u have a bose system that shouldn't be a worry. Also, after inputting a route, they take about 1.5 minutes to load the directions and start navigating, which is a LONG time. However, many have been happy with these, and tend to enjoy it. Oh, and it wont show directions on the cluster DIS. Some however, show song names, etc on the cluster.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Sorry, but that is rubbish. Anyone who is happy to wait 1.5 minutes for a route to be calculated needs to think again.

    Since we are not discussing OE products here, I've moved this thread to the Aftermarket Forum.
  6. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    I agree, this was a big reason as to why I went OEM. The only benefit is that you can run any GPS software you want and the unit is easy to modify. However, at the prices they are asking, it just doesn't make sense.

    Also, I may have exaggerated I believe its like 45sec, in my opinion still too long.
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  7. CliveH Member

    More info here : dynavin

    anyone tried this recently? looks good on paper, although no mention of TMC
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    That's enough to make it of no interest to me - TMC has saved me MANY hours stuck in traffic jams.
  8. gconklin New Member

    Look near the bottom, just above "Extended Function"... it says:

    Integrated navigation system, Windows CE5.0, Support TMC

    ("TMC" isn't searchable though since its an image)
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    TMC is encrypted in the UK, so without them having paid a (large) fee to either ITIS or RAC Trafficmaster TMC won't work - and they won't answer any question on this subject.
  9. ianken New Member

    I don't know about you guys, but I listen to the radio on the way home from the Software Mines. The OEM radio is the best damn FM receiver I've ever heard in a car. Ever. Here in Seattle we have two stations that are notoriously poor: 90.3 and 94.9.

    In every car I've had, even with nice after market units, these have come in, at best, a bit static-ish. On the Symphony 2 I get rock solid reception at the bottom of a concrete car park at work. It's astounding.

    I've got an RNS-E on the way. I hope it's as good.

    For that simple reason I'd never even bother with a no-name aftermarket unit.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    On a 2008 A4 you have a Symphony II+ and not a Symphony II.

    The bad news is that the Symphony II+ uses a different diversity system to the RNS-E (which uses the system that the Symphony II used) - so your radio reception will be worse. This can be fixed by changing the antenna amplifiers back to those that the Symphony II used, there's a thread on this subject in the Antennas Forum.
  10. CliveH Member

    Symphony II with Bose was very impressive sound quality, and now I've installed the RNS-E it sounds even better - must be the preamp?
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    Most people that have done the Symphony II to RNS-E retrofit say the same thing.
  11. ianken New Member

    Yeah. I found that thread and understand the basics. Thanks for the pointer.

    I have an Avant and it looks like (maybe) I have one box to swap out. More research is needed on my part.
  12. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    This unit is what I am waiting for. I really hope they make one to fit the B6/B7 platform, this is the only unit I am willing to replace my RNS-E with. Zenec is the only company to my knowledge who has been able to get the Nav arrows to work on the DIS as well as give all the functions of todays units including visual parking sensors, real iPod connectivity, and 3D navigation. I would pay good money for one of these.

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