Facelift 2010 Retrofit

Discussion in 'Audi Q3 / Q5 / Q7' started by a4ss4abt, Dec 8, 2009.

  1. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Q7 Facelift 2010 Retrofit

    Ok guys done the first step on the conversion from my 08 MY to the 2010 one.
    I have installed the new Bixenon headlights with led.
    A complete report is following and here some picts....

    tnimg0650[1].jpg tnimg0651[1].jpg tnimg0975[1].jpg
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  3. gezuvor New Member

    Nice! Keep us updated!
  4. Neptune New Member

    Facelift looks good. Please post additional information when you are able.
  5. Cockney Boy Member

    Could you make the images smaller as my 15" (ooo errr) does not do it justice.
  6. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Sorry for the delay, the report is not ready because I'm very busy.
    Anyway the retrofit of new headlights is possible as you can see also without the 2010 front bumber. The parts involved in headlights retrofit are
    for the standard bixenon:

    4L0 941 029 AC+ 4L0 941 030 AC for the Right hand traffic
    4L0 941 029 AG + 4L0 941 030 AG for the Left hand traffic
    for the bixenon with cornering light

    4L0 941 029 AD + 4L0 941 030 AD for the Right hand traffic
    4L0 941 029 AH + 4L0 941 030 AH for the Left hand traffic.

    mountings for main beam headl.
    4L0 941 613 A + 4L0 941 614 A

    control unit for xenon lamp
    2 X 8K0 941 597 B

    power Module for cornerings light
    2x 76L 941 329 A

    OSRAM D3S 42V35W lamp
    2 X N 107 218 01

    vent hose
    4L0 941717 + 4L0 941718

    The retrofit is not plug and play because some electric modifications on the connector and a bridge on the 09 Cent. Electronics module are necessary but it's all.
    This retrofit with new parts from Audi costs a fortune (>2500€) but if you have some problems like me with moisture on the new headlights you can have them replaced under warranty.
    Next round I will give all the wiring and coding information.......I have on back order also the Body parts for a complete MY 2010 S-line Exterior......;-).
  7. Q7US_S-line Member


    What about the rear lights retrofit, have you replace the control unit or just make: Group [46] - Comfort System >> Coding >> add "+0131072"?
  8. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I don't receive the rear lights with leds until middle of next week but I didn't think to change the 46 control unit. I don't have documentation about the recoding with +0131072..... what is the corresponding function?
  9. jaumet New Member

    Incredible a4ss4abt, incredible as always

    I have a question, no need to change the control unit J519 / f 4F0 910 279 K?
    in ETKA, see the references change, but I'm not sure, because the fitting pins are different



  10. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Yes the 2010 MY has a new control unit with a different pin-assignement but I didn't replace the J519 because looking the wiring diagrams of the S6 as described on clubaudiq7 Forum (Jaumet)that some bridges was done but in my module (Part No SW: 4F0 910 279 J HW: 4F0 907 279 A) the pins was not the same of the S6 so I decided to try with the only free pins and exactly with:
    for the Left Headl.it was bridged T10a/8 to T32b/4
    for the Right Headl.bridged T10a/2 to T32b/15 see the picture below:


    With this arrangement my J519 Control module can switch on the Leds of the new headlight with the dimming function also when the Bixenon are on and the coming-home function too.
    @ Jaumet
    So I can confirm that you don't need to replace the J519

  11. paricek New Member

    Hi, I have old Q7 with facelifted LED rear lights. All LEDs light 50% in night and when I breaking LEDs lighting 100%. How can I change codierung of rear lights to working right like in facelifted Q7? Thank a lot of.
  12. jaumet New Member

    Thank you very much a4ss4abt.

    I would think if I make the bridge or change the J519

  13. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Hi guys I've mounted yesterday the new LED REAR LIGHTS on my Q7 but there are no-way to use them only recoding my Address 46:
    Central Conv.Part No SW: 4L0 910 289 F HW: 4L0 907 289 C
    Component: Komfortgeraet H07 0040.
    I've tried adding a + 0004096 (SAE rear lights) or a +0131072 (as told here by Q7US_S-line) to the actual coding but unfortunately w/o succes.
    The Tail lights stay always on both the Brake-zone and the other zone. I've found a temporary solution using resistors to simulate the consumption of 21W bulbs but I believe it's mandatory to change the 46 comfort module with a more recent one like the one mounted on my friend 2010 MY:
    Part No SW: 4L0 910 289 H HW: 4L0 907 289 H
    Component: Komfortgeraet H09 0100
    It seems impossible to find a wiring diagram of the 2010 Q7 on my Elsawin so I am temporarily short on details
    Any help will be apreciated
  14. a4ss4abt Active Member

    OK finally found the solution of my rear-led problems.
    Yesterday my friend Emil (alias R8.... as usual many many thanks:):):)) confirmed me that a new J393 (the 46 CENTRAL CONVENIENCE UNIT) was the solution for new MY 2010 TAIL LIGHTS with leds.
    This morning I did an inquiry from the AUDI ITALY Sellers-Circuit just to find the 4L0 910 289 H unit but unfortunately nobody of them had the spare part so only a GERMANY-direct order with minimum 5 days to wait was possible.:evil::evil::evil:
    I phoned to my friend Andrea at NAVISTORE-Mantova (the best italian structure for the AUDI Retrofits www.navistore.it) and Miracle!....... he had the unit in stock so I decided to go to find him. We swapped the existant 46 CENTRAL CONV. module with the new one, recoded it and removed the component protection by his local Audi dealer.
    The J393 unit is mounted on the LUGGAGE COMPARTEMENT right side near the Navigation DVD Driver and the code to added for the new Tail lights with led is + 0131072.
    Here some pics , unfortunately this night here it's raining.........

    img1207wa[1].jpg img1239en[1].jpg img1218m[1].jpg img1223s[1].jpg

    Next week I'll begin the new 2010 S-Line exterior Body conversion.........
  15. paricek New Member

    Which unit have you now? I have 4L0 910 289 J but there don't work.
  16. a4ss4abt Active Member

    I used the bold to write 4L0 910 289 H only this unit can drive the new rear lights.
  17. neo_andersson Member

    Hi, keep up the good work.
    I just started to do the same facelift for my Q7 SLine MY:2007.

    I have 3 questions for you:

    1. Why did you replaced the mountings for main beam (4L0 941 613 A + 4L0 941 614 A )?
    Looking in ELSA are the same mountings from 2007 to 2010.

    2. 4L0 953 041 D+ 4L0 953 042 D do you have any idea if it fits the S-Line bumper? It seams to me that are a bit longer and the mountings are not the same.

    3. The xenon bulb, can it be used the one from the old headlight?

    Thank You!
  18. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Answering to the question N° :

    1. Because the 2010 mountings are completely different... you don't have to look in Elsa where the pictures are referred to the old headlight the revision with the "A" is mandatory.

    2. I'm sorry You are right for the led turn signal lights, the right ones for the S-line bumper are: 4L0 953 041 E + 4L0 953 042 E

    3. No the old xenon gas discharged bulb was a D1S-12V35W whereas the new one is a D3S-42V35W :-( unfortunately.

    Tomorrow night my Q7 should come out from the body shop with the complete facelift 2010 front-rear done..... so I will do some pictures.;-)
  19. neo_andersson Member

    Are you sure that led turn signals 4L0 953 041 E + 4L0 953 042 E fits the pre-facelift S-Line bumper?

    I had a close look at a Q7 2010 in a showroom yesterday and it seams that the bumper is different. Also the plastic grille under the turn signal is different and smaller.

    Looking forward for your reply.

    Thanks again.

    PS: i have to put on order now also the bulbs and the mountings :(( Some more money to spend.
  20. a4ss4abt Active Member

    Absolutely not sure for the pre-facelift S-Line bumper because I mounted 4L0 953 041-42 E on the new one. With the old one I always used the old turn signal. Sure the new 2010 bumper is different but I think that the led t-signals should go (with some arrangements) on the pre-facelift too.

  21. keane Member

    LED Turn Signal

    Hi, indeed you need to trim about 1cm on the pre-facelift bumper to fit the LED turn signal. Attached some pictures on the old and new LED turn signal.

    Attached Files:

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