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Discussion in 'MMI' started by 33435243m, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. 33435243m New Member

    I have an A5 2009 bought in USA with the MMI, navigation,etc. For personal reasons I had to move back to Spain, and I dont know if its posible to use the navigation system here in Spain.
    at the dealer, they say that the European DVD with the EU Maps doesnt work. could it be because american and european DVD´s have diferent areas? if so, could it be posible to burn and american DVD with the european maps so that the Navigation would work???
    and if this is not posible, is there any other way to chage the configuration of the car??
    at the dealer they don´t want to touch the car, maybe there is someone in Madrid (where I live) or Spain who knows how to do it so I could visit him.

    I really would apreciate your help. Thanks in advance.
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  3. Tasse25 New Member

    HI - have the same. Just moved back from the USA for work and repatriated my A5 Cab to Switzerland. Did u find solution to the above ? Thks
  4. nickysthlm Member

    You have MMI 2G yes? I do not know if there is anyone in Spain who can do this but I can tell you for sure that Audi will not be able to help you - they do not know how. As far as I know there are a few people in europe who know how to do US->EU conversion - and 4 of them are active members here - me, CraigyB, Kris and Kris.2010.

    You can find info here on the forum how to do it but you will need software which Audi is not likely to sell to you as it is only sold to workshops and then there is a risk of killing the whole system if you do not know what you are doing... like this guy:

    I could help you but only next summer - my parents-in-law live in Torrevieja but we are not planning to visit them until June next year...
  5. p-rod New Member

    Hi nickysthlm,
    I've been reading posts on US to EU Navi conversions for 3 days and I agree
    nickysthlm,Kris and Kris.2010 seem to have it figured out. I haven't seen CraigyB yet but will be searching him next. I need the same help. I have a chance to buy a 2010 Q7 here in Germany with American specs/maps. But I need to drive it here for a couple years before going back and the wife and I need the Navi. so no conversion no buy. I also nee dto know that I can switch it back to US and don't void my warranty.

    I press car, setup, then top right and get to the update via SD option. Problem is Audi here wouldn't find or sell me the right SD card and I don't know exactly what else I need to do-yet. I don't seem to get to that "hidden menu". the one wher you can change your regon. Is 3G sequence diff than 2G? I think it may have a 3G MMI. I haven't decided if I need Ross-tech VCDS sw and cable or want to go thru that much trouble.

    I would send it off to Kris in Poland if you recommend him and he answers my mail.

    I'm tempted to make the road trip to Spain if you can help and you're near the beach :)
  6. nickysthlm Member

    Where in Germany are you? I am in Germany now and then so i could help you next time I'm down there...
  7. p-rod New Member

    I'm between Kaiserlsautern (work) and Heidelberg ( live).
  8. nickysthlm Member

    Ok - not for sure yet but I should be going to Frankfurt within the next 3-4 weeks - PM me your phone number and I'll let you know when I know for sure...
  9. p-rod New Member

    thanks nickythlm,
    I sent you a PM with my numbers. let me know if you got them. I really need to know if we can convert to EU and then later back to US. I need to make a decision soon. I won't buy the Q7 if we can't use the Nav.
  10. chaosman Member

    Could also help with switching to EU. (Germany)
    Just PM me.

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