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Discussion in 'Maps & Firmware' started by PetrolDave, Dec 24, 2007.

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    It's been rumoured that these new features are in SW 0650:

    1) altimeter (like MMI)
    2) no 400 files limit on SD cards
    3) more sound settings (bass, highs, middle)
    4) navi announcement from both speaker (left/right)
    5) title scrolling in the DIS

    Here's my initial findings:

    1) there is an altitude indication in the NAV-Info screen, but it's not an altimeter as such - just a line of text giving the height in feet and metres.
    2) not had chance to check this
    3) not true - you still only get bass and treble
    4) if you get navi settings from both left & right speakers then you have not setup your RNS-E for LHD or RHD (see the VAG-COM codes)
    5) not true - you still only get the first 8 characters of the title of an MP3 file (there is an option for scrolling radio station names, but since staion names in the UK are only 8 characters I can't test this)
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  2. JohnS3 Member

    Dave, re point 5, does it scroll the RDS text if enabled?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Since the only thing that is displayed is station name (and as I said UK broadcasters only transmit 8 characters) there is no RDS text to scroll!
  3. CeldeSuS Member

    I've also test this sw and I have some additional findings:

    2) now I have 401 files limit :)

    5) In Romania, station names have longer names and the DIS is scrolling since I get the RNS-E (with sw 0550). But I don't know if "scrolling" is the right word. For example there is a station name called "Radio Romania". The DIS will show "RADIO" for a few seconds and "ROMANIA" for another few seconds. If the station name is more than 8 chars without space then it will show the first 8 chars for a few seconds and the other words for a few seconds. So, you will see the first 8 chars from each word.

    In the SW 0650 I noticed that the well known "mix bug" is solved. Now the "mix" function will be active even if the track is changed. The function disables itself only if you change the playlists/cards or if you switch between cd and sd cards.

    I'll keep you posted if I'll find additional things.

    Merry Christmas!
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Great! IMHO that alone makes SW0650 worth having!!!
  4. Dave.G6HNI New Member

    :lol: Merry Xmas All :lol:

    :lol: Ho Ho Ho :lol:

    Yes that's one feature I've really missed too, since fitting my RNS-E.

    So who's going to make my Xmas by giving me a link to v650 then ???

    Happy New Year All, Dave
  5. i_am_from_austria New Member

    take a look at :)
  6. Dave.G6HNI New Member

    Hi, Not sure what I'm looking for, can see a copy of one of my posts and the post above has a now removed link ???

    I'm not sure what the link contained, if it was the full DVD inc maps then I agree it should have been removed.

    If however, it only contained the new firmware then I think it was wrong to remove it. You can’t pirate something that is given away effectively FOC with every updated map disks, but you do then open the door for unscrupulous types to exploit a demand, both for profit and malicious intent.

    Others have previously argued the same point, it’s a pity that Audi don’t just put firmware updates on their website for all to download, then there would be no confusion.

    Anyhow I have now received a copy of the firmware (thanks to another member) and will test it before adding it to my download list.

    :!: Unless Audi ask me not to that is :!:

  7. i_am_from_austria New Member

    my post contained a link to the firmware update
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Which was removed ...
  8. MJT-B5 New Member

    so how can we go about getting 650? that mix thing drives me up the wall!
  9. i_am_from_austria New Member

    maybe by PM, but i dont`t know :wink:
  10. Dave.G6HNI New Member

    I have now tested v0650 with Klaus's SDS Hack added to become v0660 and can confirm all SDS commands work fine.

    I did not think to check whether the Nav Lady is now speaking from the front, but that's not something that bothers me.

    The Mix function did not reset when selecting another track - Yip-pey, but it did reset when I went away from mp3 and then returned - Boo-hoo
  11. JohnS3 Member

    Thanks Dave. ;)
  12. JohnS3 Member

    I too have installed Sw650. I can see the altimeter and only bass and treble settings and I have Bose. No time to test anything else as yet.
  13. Alister Member

    Give me a buzz and/or pop in and I'll sort you out Mike.
  14. beerglass007 New Member

    Lost SDS feature

    Hi all

    I just updated my RNS-E to 650 from 560 and lost my SDS hack I did.

    If I do the same thing with the new 2008 files will this work. I have seen people talking about a SW660 version. Is this where people have hacked the 650 and made it work with SDS again?

    I still have the information and program to do the hack and remember how I once hacked the 550 to 560....

  15. JohnS3 Member

    Run the SDS hack on the Loading.kwi file from the 650 firmware. Change the version number to 660 in the index.txt file to force the RNSe to upgrade.
  16. beerglass007 New Member

    Lovely thanks
  17. Pow3rus3r New Member

    Has somebody tested, if the rns-e supports sdhc cards for Mp3? Would be pretty cool to have up to 32GB of space for Mp3 files :)

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