Engine AKB issue Rod knock

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by GerrY2K8, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. GerrY2K8 New Member

    Hi Everyone
    this is my first post , i look forward to reading your posts

    my 2000 A8 recently got an oil change c/w filter at an Audi Dealer oil fill was 5w30(winteroil dealer choice) and now i seem to have a quiet rod knock in idle and it is alittle worse in gear then quiets up at 750+ rpm
    is there issues in this motor or should i get rid of car?

    any thoughts welcome as this is my first Audi and outside of this the car is pristine and i do love this car

    Sincerely Gerr
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  3. PsYcHe Member

    does it go away when the engine has warmed up?

    The V8s can be a little rattly on startup when it's cold outside.

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