Enabling Voice Control on 2008 TT Roadster

Discussion in 'Audi TT Coupe / Roadster' started by jeffygkitty, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. jeffygkitty New Member

    Hi. I have a question about enabling the Voice Control feature on my car. I have a U.S. 2008 TT Roadster with RNS-E, MFSW, and Blue tooth. It looks like from what I've read, to enable the voice control, I just need to have someone code it with a VAG-COM. My question is, on my MFSW, when I press the button used for voice control, it does absolutley nothing. I assume it is because my car is a soft top. Do you know if my car is still capable of having the Vocie Control enbaled, or is it missing some sort of wiring that the coupe has? Any advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks a lot,
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  3. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    Jeff - I have the same type of vehicle. Do let me know if you figured it out. Would appreciate your answer. Thanks.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

  4. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    Thanks PetrolDave - time to get me a VCDS kit. Just in time for the snow, when I can't work on my car! If you know of any VCDS-equipped members on the board in the Boston/Cambridge area, please PM me so that I don't hijack the thread.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    The only person I know in the Boston area is my stepson who's into MacBooks and the like - I live on "the other side of the pond"!

    But if anyone else can offer 2008_tt_v6 help with VCDS please shout out.
  5. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    I got a VCDS. :) Will let you know if it works. I'll also try the Bose trick (leather -> fabric) to see if my audio sounds better. If you know of any other hacks, let me know.
  6. 2008_tt_v6 New Member

    Went back to stock bose setting. SNS isn't that great. May sell VCDS
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Don't - you'll regret it when Audi dealers want to charge you $100 or more for EVERY diagnostic check, that's when VCDS becomes the best bargain you've ever bought.
  7. dsm1212 New Member

    I enabled it over the weekend and it's not that great if you already have a good phone. Pressing the button on my IPhone to bring up Siri is much more powerful and natural to use. I left it enabled though because I can't find anything else to use that button for. If there is anything else it can be used for someone please speak up.


    BTW I wish I had a way to change mp3 playlists on the steering wheel. As far as I can tell I can only change the song on the existing playlist. If anyone knows how to get that please PM me.

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