ELSAWIN 3.70 cant get it to load

Discussion in 'Manuals' started by Cockney Boy, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. Cockney Boy Member

    Does anyone else experience installation problems with Elsawin 3.70 on a Windows 7 P.C?

    Treid installing it today with so many issues. eventually get it installed and enter the password "Admin & Admin" but comes up with an interent window thats blank

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  3. a8 tech Member

  4. Cockney Boy Member

    Got it working, had to create a new user, as the default one didnt work. All sorted.
  5. mapi New Member

    I'm italien boy, don't speak english, sorry.

    Elsawin 3.70 works in windows 7 32 bit ultimate, but you must create a new user profile.Then you install dvd data au/sk/wv/se version 2009.
  6. edwin18812 New Member

  7. NHN Member

    Thats cause admin admin is purely just that, to administer the user setup, you have to create new user/s to be able to login to the actual elsa system to utilise things like the wiring diagrams, admin isnt one of these users.

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