Don't Buy from Navparts!!

Discussion in 'Aftermarket' started by NardaBob, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. NardaBob New Member

    Navparts is a sham!! They don't answer their phones, respond to e-mails or complete orders. They ripped me off for $400.00 and I've filed a compaint with the BBB. Just to let you know.
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  3. Cockney Boy Member

    Can anyone confirm if Navparts have gone out of business?
  4. aleicgrant New Member

    I tried to call them multiple times and no go. I would keep away at this point
  5. NardaBob New Member

    The Latest from the Better Business Bureau, as of today.

    Complaint ID#: 94263258
    Business Name: Navparts

    Thank you for contacting the BBB about your dispute. We have attempted to contact the company at the following address:

    647 Metropolitan Way
    Des Plaines, IL 60016

    We regret to inform you that previous correspondence sent to the business was returned by the Postal Service marked UNDELIVERABLE, and our attempts to contact the company have been unsuccessful. It appears the company may no longer be in business as the mail has been returned to our office. Unfortunately, the Bureau has no facilities for tracing companies.

    Buyer Beware!!
  6. Cockney Boy Member

    Navparts web site is still running, the only thing they could have done is moved recently, but i suspect there is something dodgy going on.

    Best to stay well clear, but if they have taken your money you may want to take a trip down there.
  7. NardaBob New Member

    Next time I'm in Chicago, you can bet I'll be there. As I've said before, if I had known Kufatec was going to open a US location I would have never dealt with them.
  8. NardaBob New Member

    Navparts are you here?

    BBB CASE #: 94263258
    Complaint filed by: Robert Johnson


    So, xxxxxxxx - or xxxxxxx are you here? Do you remember the order in question?

    I'm not going away - this is going to get legal. I have the money and time and wherewithal to make it happen.
  9. PROXUS Administrator

    As I wrote you in direct mail... I'm not involved in their operations for a while now. I was selling some of my products via the store but not anymore, because I don't have time to do so. Back when our communication took place, I forwarded all your info to person responsible for running the store which is Mike B. (I sent you his direct contact and all contact info I have) Since I moved I didn't have knowledge of your issue with Mike, so I can't elaborate on that.

    I'm sure this is separate accident and will be resolved, but I don't have any say so in that matter. The only remaining things we do for NP is providing hosting and some advertising which will be suspended if they don't resolve the issue with you. At least I can help in that way ;)

    I did already forward your mails to addresses we have on files.
  10. NardaBob New Member

    Yeah sure Proxus,

    The servers are yours, this site is registered to you, Navparts is a company in your name and your Trademark and everything has your address all over it.

    But you give me a guy with a German e-mail address, or so it seems.

    Waiting for my refund or hardware. I know the truth and learning more everyday about your enterprise, but you know more than me about your businesses, don't you?

    Remember, in this country most everything is a matter of public record especially when it comes to corporations.
  11. Cockney Boy Member

    NardaBob, i think you need to resolve this matter in private and not publicly in the forum. It seem you already have been in private contact with Proxus.

    This is a forum for helping people solve technical problems and not a place to threaten legal action. You must be frustrated that your not getting what you want, but i do beleive that Proxus is doing his best to help you out.



  12. NardaBob New Member

    I do respect your opinion, but I am frustrated by the lack of business ethics and transparency. I do not believe Proxus is no longer involved and corporate records agree with my positon on that.

    You know this has been going on since February, and only when I used the forums to flush him out did I get any movement. But until my goods are delivered or a refund is made, I am not going to sit quietly.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Maybe worth "keeping your powder dry" until (if?) it's needed again?

    Just my $0.02...
  13. NardaBob New Member

    Yes, you are probably right. I was supposed to get a refund by Friday - but that didn't happen again. By now I'm not surprised with it all.
  14. NardaBob New Member

    Well, it was straightened out. I received a full refund and bought from Kufatec. I recommend everyone stay clear of Navparts and deal with Kufatec. Today I received my bluetooth set as promised, from Kufatec without any problems or drama.

    Thumbs up for Kufatec, sorry for Navparts and the demise of their company.

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