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Discussion in 'RNS-E' started by BASARAB, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. BASARAB Member

    I decided to write a tutorial for people who bought EU rns-e and do not know how to convert it to US version. I spent a big amount of time on AZ and on trying to figure it out. It is very confusing on Audiforum and half of links are dead, so here you go, nice and easy way.
    When I installed my EU rns-e the software version looked like this (pic from
    1) Download this file and unpack it - online file sharing and storage - download EutoUSconvert.rar
    2) Download imgburn The Official ImgBurn Website
    3) Buy a cd-r , I used Verbatim or Sony
    4)Burn those files with imgburn (choose in settings iso 9660, not joilet or other stuff) and choose "write folders/files to disk"
    Click on File,Browse for a source file and add those 5 files. U have to repeat this step 5 times to add 5 files.
    5) connect vag-com, go to Navigation 37, click adaptation then channel 97 and change value from 0 to 1
    6) click save and exit vag-com
    7) insert disk you burned, click on NAV button and wait. Unit will update(takes few minutes, be patient) and after the second reboot you can remove the disk
    8 now you can insert your US 2008 or 2009 map disk and unit will update itself again (will reboot two times).
    9) Thats it, now your EU unit is fully converted to US.

    UPDATE: Apparently Imgburn updated their software and its not burning correct now. You have to use NERO on the slowest speed and finalize disk to make it work
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I would never download firmware from the Internet without being absolute certain where it comes from. That being said, all you need is the five files from your US DVD. Downlaod the VIM hack from NaviEdit, use it to modify loading.kwi and set the source to Euro and destination to US. Modify index.txt to show a V222 NAVVER and A222 AUDVER, also set the sofidx to something low (e.g. 0070). Burn those 5 files onto a CD, ISO 9660, single session. Use VAG-COM to change STG 56 channel 97 to 1, exit VAG-COM and insert the update CD. The RNS-E will start an update and reboot, it may continue with a second update after the reboot but it doesn't matter if it doesn't. Check in engineering mode that the NAVI sw version starts with V222, if it doesn't then you haven't patched loading.kwi properly. If it does then confirm that channel 97 is still st to 1, exit VAG-COM and insert your original US DVD. The RNS-E should do again an update but this time it should complete both updates. When done check the sw version, it should no longer be X---. Use VAG-COm to code the RNS-E properly for the North American region.
  3. BASARAB Member

    With all respect, your instructions are not very clear for new rns-e owners. For you it seems easy, cause you've done it thousands of times, but for example me it took a while to figure it out.
    For example: how do I modify index.txt? What HEX editor do I use? Where do I download HEX editor?
    If you are familiar with computer u can figure it out, but what about other people? For example bunch of my friends never heard about something like that and would be afraid to mess something up.

    Plz dont get offended,( I've read tons of your posts within last couple days and you are very helpful) but because u know everything about rns-e hacking, some of your answers are not understandable for first time users.
    Thats why I wanted to post very very simple step by step instructions, so ANYBODY can do it without hassle of going thru bunch of threads with dead links.

    Btw, those files what I posted for downloading are modified loading.kwi and index.txt and 3 other files to make an update cd.
    Sorry if I am not very clear, English is my third language I learned :)
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    index.txt is a text file, notepad will do. For loading.kwi you use the VIM hack tool from naviedit, no need for a hex editor anymore. The other files remain unchanged.

    I know that the instructions are a little technical, but then it's a technical forum and we get sometimes pretty hard core here. if there are questions left, come back and post those questions and I'm sur ethey will be answered.
  4. lskA4 New Member

    dude...i am so glad i just found this thread and i totally agree with you, i have been reading all the pros posts and it is so hard to understand 5 years of info that has changed yearly and by people that can do this in their sleep to someone like me who has no clue. thank you very much for this as it helped me ALOT...
  5. Jer New Member

    Thank you!

    Thank you!


    I all but gave up on this months and months ago. I bought a unit that ended up being EU over a year ago and much like you I searched and searched some more and NOTING made sense. I searched this as well as other forums and people kept sending me to this forum and saying the answer was here. That which made sense had bad links or wasn't correct or.... whatever. I posted some threads with specific information and questions and even sent some PMs but was unable to get anywhere. I beat my head against a wall for months before finally saying piss on it and I gave up. I am somewhat technical so to give up on something like this really ate at me ever since. A buddy of mine linked me to this thread and I am SO excited to have a simple, concise explanation in layman's terms to attempt. I have downloaded the file and will attempt this shortly and can't wait to try this out.

    I don't know why nobody else who already knew how to do this couldn't do something like this. This thread should not only be a sticky but when you come to the forum as a new member it should pop-up as the first thing you see. It's pretty sad when the most helpful person on an entire forum is a guy with 18 posts who's been here 4mos. Thanks again and you may have been the one to finally get my RNSE to read US navigation to actually function as a navigation unit.
  6. Angelo New Member

    are the files you have uploaded newer then the version I have installed? i see lots of talk about 200, 260 and 270 but I dont see any of those numbers here. i am not sure what I will gain by doing this update. I plan on ordering the 2009\2010 maps and have read that has firmware upgrade too. is this still different from the firmware the CD will provide? I feel a little lost and all over the place.

    this is what I have
  7. Jer New Member

    Pretty sure the firmware listed here is just to convert your navigation unit's firmware from EU to US. This means that it will actually read the US map discs which it will currently not do. This gets it updated to a firmware that will recognize the US map discs and once that happens it will then update to whatever firmware is on your map disc. If it's the newest map disc then you will have the newest firmware which is where you hear all those numbers from. This basically just gives it a baseline so that it can read/load those firmwares though because w/o this you can't pop in any US map disc because it will just give an error.
  8. Angelo New Member

    Ok. Think I understand now. I was reading too much into it. I just purchased my navi from kuko112 In Poland and it reads us disks. If I want new maps\firmware, I can just get the disk and pop it in. Correct?
  9. S8r New Member

    My Version displays:

    SW: 0100
    HW: 50

    When I insert the DVD it prompts "install Map Disc".
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    What does it display as the HU/Navi SW version and the Boot version?

    There are several possibilities:
    1) your RNS-E is in EU mode and you have inserted a US DVD, or vice versa.
    2) your DVD drive has a dirty lens which needs cleaning.
    3) your DVD drive has a failed laser and needs replacing.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    You're assuming that all new members will want to convert an EU unit to US mode, which is not a valid assumption because:

    - some US members buy a US unit.
    - there are many non-US members.

    Neither of those gropus need this information.

    Have to agree that making this thread a sticky might be a good idea though...
  10. Jer New Member

    It was a joke.

    This was a more realistic request.
  11. S8r New Member

    how would I convert back to the US mode if it is in EU mode?
    The HU/Navi, Boot versions are blank.
    I purchased a DVD cleaning disc and it did not operate.
  12. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    you would have to go into the NAV block using vag-com and and change 0 to 1 and it will update the next time you insert a disc and your unit will be fully converted.
  13. Jer New Member

    Thanks for the update on the first post with more details!
  14. Jer New Member

    Alright, so I followed the instructions exact and still no dice. It doesn't load the disc. When I insert the disc I made the screen says the following:


    But then it never loads. I sat there for quite a few minutes and nothing ever happens. Maybe you can update your first post with an idea how long is a 'long time' as that could be subjective. If it's hours then I didn't wait long enough. lol

    Any more ideas? When I click the Adaption option from 0 to 1 it didn't take the first time and I had to do it again. Then when I went back in and checked it was set to 1 still after that so it worked after that. It still won't read the nav disc but it recognizes that it's firmware 0260 but nothing happens.


    The only thing I can think of is that my disc wasn't right but it still reads it as an update disc... just doesn't do it. My buddy that did the VAG-COM portion said that the key needed to be turned off after you do the Adaptation modification step which we tried that way and we tried it w/o doing that as well. No change either way. If there's some minor details/steps left out of the original post that could allow us to do something wrong what would that be?

    Any other ideas? Suggestions? Tips?
  15. Mani Member

    What are the 5 files I need from original US-DVD?
  16. Mani Member

    Got answer from another thread.


  17. BASARAB Member

    @JER I dont really remember, because I have done it few months ago, but I think update did not start for me until I let the disk load and then pressed navigation button and waited around 3-4 minutes and it started to update.
    Did u follow the tutorial step by step or have u used another program to burn disk? Is it cd-r or cd+r? Also try removing memory card

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