Dension GW500 and iPhone

Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by mistrb, Jun 9, 2008.

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    I am thinking of getting a Dension GW500 for my 2004 A8L. I think I remember reading that to use the iPod integration feature, the iPhone must be in airplane mode. Is this true? I would hate to have to get an additional iPod for my music.

    I finally got my BTUM puck working with my Audi. But of course I always want something new. How does the Bluetooth module work with the iPhone? Is it satisfactory?

    I saw a place in New Jersey that does installs. Is there anywhere in the Baltimore(MD)/Washington(DC) area that does installs.
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    Please repost this in the MMI Forum - not many people read this forum...
  3. Hi

    The Audi Media Interface is also a retrofit posibility. With the Dension Part you can have big problems, because the gateway 500 is not an Audi part with this is not in the test sequences.
    Go to the dealer and ask him for a retrofit 4E0 057 785* ( depending on the Softwarestatus of the car) and the harness 4F0 051 592 A.

    And also he should flash up the car to the highest possible stage, because with this you can get some functionality. But order also a new owners manual for it, because some functions could work different !



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