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Discussion in 'Navigation units' started by rwoods, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. rwoods New Member

    I installed the RNS-E 4B0 035 192 R in my S8 earlier this summer and now I want to install the Bluetooth module, microphone and antenna. However, I am a bit confused as to which module I should get.

    My local dealer has the 8P0 862 335 T in stock. Will this work with the model I have now? It is running the 2009/2010 maps/firmware.

    I went to the dealer yesterday and the antenna is this big black triangular dome shaped deal and not the stick looking antenna I see in more photos. And that antenna at the dealer has a round connector as does the module but they are both female. What am I missing here? Maybe I will just get a kit found online and be done with it....

    Feedback would greatly be appreciated. Thank you in advance!
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