Converting Symphony II+ antenna system for use with RNS-E

Discussion in 'Cables / Adapters / Antennas' started by AudiA4B6US, Sep 28, 2007.

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    Looks like the guys over at have found a way to convert the phase diversity system used for the Concert/Symphony II+ to switching diversity required for the RNS-E. They used a diversity box from a Golf V which only needs power and which is small enough to be stuck somewhere under the dashboard.

    The original topic can be found here.
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  2. NSX JR New Member

    That's pretty cool. But shouldn't there be RNS-E versions that will work with the phase diversity system since the new cars are available with the RNS-E from the factory?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    From what has been found out so far, cars that have the RNS-E or BNS 5 factory installed do also have the switching diversity module installed (HF and ZF from up to 4 antennas). Cars without RNS-E or BNS 5 do get the II+ radios that only have two HF antennas. The Golf module is easier to install than the Audi module because you don't have to dismantle half of the cars to get to the antenna wires. That's what they found out at least.
  3. JohnS3 Member

    My cables should arrive this week, then I'll set to work installing the parts and I'll report back to the forum. I have just one question, in the article the Golf antenna adapter was powered from D15 in the quadlock. Would it not be be a better idea to power it from D13 as this is a switched supply?

  4. JohnS3 Member

    Well my cables have arrived (long story) After weeks of excuses from RMcoax in the UK, I eventually bought them from in Austria. One hour after making contact with them the cables were assembled and ready to ship, fantastic service!

    You'll need these parts -
    - GOLF diversity module 1T0 035 530 -> Vagparts £77.81 + VAT
    - Power connector 1C0 973 119B -> Vagparts £1.19 + VAT
    - 1 x repair cable (this gives 2 pre-wired connectors) 000 979 009 -> Vagparts £0.98 + VAT
    - 2 x adaptor cables -> 76 Euro delivered to the UK. A PDF schematic for the cables is available here
    Not essential but a nice touch is the use of a roll of cloth tape (clothtape -> Vagparts £3.63 + VAT) this is the same tape Audi use when making the looms. Worth it for the OEM look when you've been into the loom for your power feeds.

    Here is a shot of the assembled module ready for fitting


    Here is a shot showing details of the connections


    Pick up your +12v from terminal D15 and the GND from terminal D12, both in connector D in quadlock. The golf module only pulls around 1mA so shouldn't flatten the battery. I tried to use a relay to switch the supply using D13 (remote on) as the trigger, but it doesn't look like there is enough time for the relay to feed power to the Golf module before the RNSe logs intermittent ZF DTCs. It's worth running a vagcom scan before you start just to check if all is well with the car. During the install you'll probably create some more DTCs, especially if you unplug your RNSe, just clear all these out after your install.

    The module is attached with velcro above and to the right of the RNSe cage. There is just enough room to position the module and a handy hole in the top of the cage for a finger or two to help with alignment. I positioned it to the right to give a little more free cable for the antenna wires to reach the RNSe when it's out of the dash, it might help if you order them a little longer. Make sure your power wires are also long enough.

    Now it's in place I can confirm that no more ZF related DTCs are logged, no more "greyed out" stations and much better FM reception.

    You can check to see if the ZF figures change in radio test menu 3 in engineering mode.

    Thanks to the guys at for inventing this fix and Petroldave for guidance on wiring.

    Could a mod make this sticky in the RNSe quick links section please?

    Regards, John.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    Great write up, added to the quick links.
  5. DarkyUK New Member

    Does anyone know if these parts still exists at Vagparts? I tried searching for them but can't find then and not had a reply from vagparts when I emailed them :(


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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Try phoning them - many parts they sell are specially ordered and not shown on their website.
  6. JohnS3 Member

    It can sometimes take them a day or 2 to get back to you if they are busy. Perhaps a phone call is in order.
  7. bobf New Member


    I have an A3 which had a Chorus II+ so the double din variant with also already a diversity antenna connected.

    I installed the RNS-E so the connector fitted directly but I also have the idea the reception is less good then the original radio.

    Does this conversion have the same problem or is the diversity box alrady installed in my car?
    Audi A3 sportback 2007

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    You have a Concert II+ and need to retrofit the diversity module mentioned in this topic.
  8. DarkyUK New Member

    Yeah they got back to me after a day or two, got the parts on order now and sent the international bank payment for the cables :eek:)
  9. bobf New Member

    I had indeed the Concert II+ instead of a Concert III.
    So in my car (Audi A3 Sportback of 11-2007) the radio antenne is in my rear window (not on the roof)
    The connection is already a fakra so it was plug and play, but has the ConcertII+ diversity switch onboard or is it just working differently then the RNS-E.
    Because the connection just fitted the RNS-E. I will also try to take a look in Elsawin to see if I can find any differences between a car with factory Concert II+ and the one with factory RNS-E.

    Are you really shure I have to buy the VW diversity switch to get better reception?

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    The II+ radios use phase diversity to switch between two HF antennas while the RNS-E needs the HF and ZF antenna wires for its switching diversity to work.
  10. JohnS3 Member

    Or you could re-wire your existing system, you can see that the two are wired differently.

    Top image - Concert 2plus

    Lower image - RNSe

    I was going to look into this but I never got around to it. Hope this helps.
  11. bobf New Member

    Ok, now I made another check, I got the "old"radio out a the closet and noticed it isn't a concert but a Chorus, it is double din from 2007 so probably something like Chorus II +

    Does the same conclusion can be taken as here above ?

    Sorry for the wrong type from my side :-(
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Yes. All the II+ radios have the new type of phase diversity system.

    And since your Chorus is double DIN that makes it a II+.
  12. bobf New Member

    I have this box from Audi, 8E0 035 530, can I use this one also or will this not fit when I want to place it behind the RNS-E like described for the box of the Golf?

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  13. DarkyUK New Member

    Well when I get my car back out of the dealership, apparently the injector is screwed or something, basically no power at all below 2K rpm and shakes like anything, only 4 months old too, i'll have a go at setting thi up.
  14. kristoffer Member

    how is the RNS-d diversity system? is it also a problem upgrading to RNS-E (concerning the diversity system)
    i have a install from a RNS-D to a RNS-E probably next week, would the RNS-E use the diversity system from this? or would this generate the same fault as my non-diversity system?

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