Control both sides of the climatecontrol?

Discussion in 'D2 platform' started by Mex77, Oct 29, 2008.

  1. Mex77 Member

    Is it possible to control both sides of the climatecontrol from the driver side?
    It´s kind of disturbing to have to press the + button on both sides to change the temp...!

    The softcode for HVAC is 00080.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    In my B6 I ha ve to press and gold the AUTO button on the driver side to sync both sides.
  3. Mex77 Member

    I have tried that on both sides, but no luck :(
    Im starting to wonder if my softcoding is wrong!?!? but cannot find a list of what i should have.
  4. chenishead New Member

    Not possible on the D2, only one person on audiworld has an A8/S8 that does that and he doesnt even know how it works like that.
  5. Mex77 Member

    Do you know what softcode he has?
  6. chenishead New Member

  7. danish_a3 Member

    In A3 8P, if you press the AUTO-button for 5 sec., both sides are the same and if you change the temp. in the drivers side, the passengers side follows it..

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