Complete A6 C6 4F Keyless Go aka KESSY system for sale

Discussion in 'Interior / Electrical / Multimedia' started by mickymix, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. mickymix Member

    Yes, I have a COMPLETE KESSY SYSTEM for sale for Audi A6 C6 4F, which includes:

    - Start Stop Button to be fitted in the center console (I have a Console too, but I guess you would prefer one which fits your interior colors, so this is not really included...)..
    - N. 02 Keyless Keys (blade has to be remade and keys need being recoded too, but they are the AK version...).
    - Ignition Switch
    - KESSY ECU (Access Authorization module)
    - N. 04 Kessy antennas (two for rear doors, one for central console, one for rear trunk)
    - complete doors wirings
    - complete sets of external handles with proximity antennas and switches (white color, if you cannot reuse the ones you have, but you might...)
    - in case your doors ECUs do not support KESSY, I also have the complete sets of compatible ECUs, which will be good for Power Doors too (I was trying to get those complete set too, but actually I only have 50%... Should you need it... just ask... :) !!!)

    At the moment, since the kit is in the garage, I cannot remember any other component, but think about it as COMPLETE and I can give you detailed pictures and part numbers if really interested.

    Can ship internationally, but give me an address, if you would like a quotation.

    Many other A6 C6 4F components for sale, as they were used in my mods (if you saw something interesting in my signature...).

    Since my car was almost "gifted away", I decided not to increase too much the value of the gift...

    You know... :)
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  3. enry68 Member

    Hi Michy did You have still some components for A6 4F ? (i'm Italian like You);)
  4. mickymix Member

    Just sent a PM

  5. mickymix Member

    Here are the part numbers of the kit for sale:

    N. 02 x 4F0 837 207 C - left external handles
    N. 02 x 4F0 837 208 C - right external handles
    N. 02 x 4F0 837 885 E - left external handles frames
    N. 02 x 4F0 837 886 E - right external handles frames
    N. 04 x 4F0 909 155 - external handles sensors
    N. 01 x 4F0 907 335 - ECU
    N. 03 x 4F0 907 247 - center and rear doors antennas
    N. 01 x 4F0 907 247 A - Trunk antenna
    N. 01 x 4F1 905 217 E VUV - RS6 chrome Start/Stop button
    N. 01 x 4F0 910 131 G - ignition switch
    N. 01 x 4F1 971 029 CD - external loom for driver's door
    N. 01 x 4F1 971 030 CD - external loom for passenger's door
    N. 02 x 4F1 971 687 AN - External looms for rear doors

    N. 02 x 4F0 837 220 AK - kessy keys with 2 transponders (blades to be changed)

    Kit includes also all the needed connectors and needed pins for the DIY internal looms

    I also have, if interested, most of the needed components for PowerDoors too (beside some locking units) which could be worth retrofitting at the same time for time saving reasons... (ECUs, motors, motors' shells, etc...)

    Just let me know, before ebay's quickness takes the most interesting parts...
  6. mickymix Member

    I confirm the whole system is still available for sale...
  7. peri77 Member

    Hello Micky
    I have purchased a 2009 MY A6 (the S8 is a bit too much for everyday usage) I miss the kessy system, also power doors. Let me check the part numbers and we can discuss :)

  8. mickymix Member

    Ok peri77,
    I think you don't need my help for part numbers... :)
    Just let me know when you think you'll be ready...
    Have a nice sunday.
  9. mickymix Member

    Thank you mates for the interest...

    The item (the Kessy kit) has been sold YESTERDAY.

    Going to publish another message for the above mentioned POWER DOOR components I still have for sale...

    Merry Christmas to you all !!!

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