Central Southwest Florida Area for bluetooth install?

Discussion in 'South' started by Entertainment72, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Entertainment72 New Member

    Anyone who has done the bluetooth located in the Central to Southwest Florida area? If so interested in helping for a fee?

    Let me know I have all the goodies now for Bluetooth.
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  3. todd1010 Member

    I would/can help, but I'm in Jacksonville.
  4. Entertainment72 New Member

    Would you be free April 15th? We can meet in Orlando, we are dynoing at Central Florida Turbo that day.

    Let me know. I have Vag-Com and all the stuff.
  5. triton23 New Member

    we should do a group install. i'm looking to install a bluetooth in my car as well.

    where are you located at?
  6. Entertainment72 New Member

  7. lauderdale75 New Member

    Sorry to bump this old thread, but wanted to know if anyone can recommend an installer (for a fee of course) to do a bluetooth install on a 2006 S4. I need the hardware as well and currently have the stock RNS-E system.

    Thanks so much,

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