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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AudiA4B6US, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. asianremedy Member

    Nice one Rogue. Seems like you could you could solve the mistery of those chaotic CAN messages and could filter them out properly :)
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  3. MartyList Member

    Wow, impressive. Unforunately I sold my car with RNS-E a few months ago :( If I still had it I would offer to pay you for another custom composite video board! Nice work.
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

  4. Rogue Member

    Thanks Dirk. I'm really happy with the results of the project.

    MCE really looks at home on the RNS-E screen. Im now quite used to be greeted by the MCE splash screen (the green logo) loading up when I drive my car. The software sends the TV enable only when the MCE program has started, so I dont see any torn video mode when the PC boots in 720x480 text mode, only "TV is not installed" or whatever the RNS displays until MCE has started. I use the other features of the unit only when I want to make a phone call or use navigation, so mostly I keep the TV mode on all the time.

    I write library synchronisation into the software on the weekend, so now the car syncs the music library for 15 minutes when I get home, which is how long the power supply runs after the ignition is off. I also got fast forward working too.. so when you hold down the track forward button for 500 msec, MCE goes into fast forward mode, and when you release it it resumes normal playback. I don't know of a rewind keystroke for MCE yet, but there must be a way to do it as software drivers for MCE remotes can.

    I am keen to start looking at what value adds can be done with the MCE interface, thrid party or self-written plugins, and adding internet connectivity via a 4G USB card (weather plugin, a simple mailbox reader, traffic data?, boost gauge display) are some ideas.

    Oh - and I would like to have the software send the currently playing trackname to the DIS :)
  5. kOld New Member

    Rogue, your RNS-E is a < 2010 unit right? I saw the CD/TV button..

    In the past if you saw my posts I have had a lot of trouble with the resolution definitions.. Can you post your PowerStrip definitions for the resolution?

    I'm planing to try again this week making sure that all steps are made correctly, like the registry hack with DTD Calculator :cool:
  6. Rogue Member

    Hey kOld.

    Yeah, I have an older RNS-E. Listen mate, I have done the Win7 installs about 5 billion times and I have the process completely sorted. Keep in mind I am putting a website together for the project, and hope to help a wider audience that way, so this information would be being put there.

    To get Win7 installed and the custom res running, follow these steps:
    1) Before you do anything take your VGA cable and pull pin 12. This breaks the data communication between Windows and the monitor, and you need this so Windows isn't getting supported modes from your monitor. This is essential to do this as the first step.
    2) Clean install Windows 7.
    3) Get networking running by installing your networking drivers and connecting to your home wireless, etc.
    4) Install the Intel video driver. Whatever you start with in Windows will have " - WDDM" on the end of the name of the device. The driver has been installed correctly when the name does NOT have "- WDDM" on the end of the device name. You may have to do a "have disk" driver install if Windows doesn't want to load the Intel driver because it might be older than the one that ships with Win7.
    5) Install DTD calculator.
    6) Install TightVNC - This is necessary to be able to remote control windows. Choose no password when prompted. (I had troubles with RealVNC not connecting.. so I went with TightVNC).
    7) Make sure Windows is configured so it logs in automatically. (No user password, for example) and also turn off power saving, hibernation, so on.
    5) Apply the registry file I have created to "patch" the Intel video driver with the RNS-E custom video mode. (I can supply this to you - PM me your email address).
    6) Check the video mode is present in DTD calculator. This is only necessary because the video card may appear under a different ID in the registry, but I think this should be fine. Worst case, you can just edit the reg file with the location the card appears in the registry. It should be HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Class\{4D36E968-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}.
    7) If the video mode is present in DTD calculator, you dont need to do anything, so restart the PC and connect the RNS-E video cable that goes through the custom circuit board.
    8) When Windows loads, you will lose the display on your normal monitor (unless you are really lucky, I could still see it with a Dell 2009W.) Remote control Windows and you will notice it is in 640*480 @ 25Hz. Right click the desktop - Screen Resolution and choose 960x540. Apply, etc.

    * Forget Powerstrip - you don't need it. So this saves a license.
    * When you remote control Win7 with MCE in full screen mode, you will only see a black screen. Click from the top right corner repeatedly, each click go a bit down and left, and you will close MCE and see the desktop.

    I assume you have built the necessary circuit board, and also have a Intel 945 chipset board? I have tested handfuls of board types, and only had success with the 945 chipset. The D945GCLF2 is by far and wide the best board for this project, anything else is too big/powerful.
  7. Rogue Member

    And just as a reference for anyone else, the video settings I used to get a perfect image on the RNS-E is:

    Pixel clock: 19Mhz, polarity - / -, interlaced.

    Horizontal timings
    Active Pixels 960
    H Start of sync pulse 984
    H end of sync pulse 1080
    H end blanking interval 1242

    Active pixels 540
    V start of sync pulse 562
    V end of sync pulse 576
    V end of blanking interval 610
  8. kOld New Member

    Hello again,

    I just spot this device:

    Looks like is configurable by usb, I saw that the other less powerfull device of this guys can convert any hdmi to vga including all RGB screens:

    Maybe this device is just we need for use new computers with hdmi output ;)
  9. Rogue Member

    The challenge is finding a video card that is able to output in the custom video mode. . so far the 945 chipset.
  10. Seb1979 New Member

    Hi every one, i'm Sebastien 33 years and live in France .. ;) i'm member of course of AudiPassion forum (french forum) with the same login.
    link of my car ==>
    first of all, very good work to everyone !!!
    since i saw this post, i want the same thing in my car hihihi
    i have Audi A4 B7 atm with RNSE 192C and SDS
    what i would like to do with mine:
    -run windows 7 on it with touchscreen, it will be good to start :D the rest will come later ;)
    - add reverse camera.
    my question : what i exactly need to do that ???
    -touchscreen ( the one Asianremady used)
    - USB controller for touchscreen ( i saw on ebay)
    -carpc ... but i 'll see that a little bit later
    -IMA adapter needed with a custom circuit ???

    thanks to everyone for help ^^ i'm just at the beginning of that project
  11. Seb1979 New Member

    Can someone send me picture of the connection you used between PC and RNSE ?? Do i need an IMA adapter for sure or just wires + VGA lead +AV lead + PCB converter
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    If you don't use an IMA like device then you will need to send the "TV installed" CAN message from your own CAN device. Without that message the RNS-E won't show the TV option under sources.
  12. Seb1979 New Member

    ok !
    it's what you have done on your project no ?? you sent can message without using IMA if i understand ...
    we have a better resolution like that ... have you made ​​a diagram for wiring between the VGA and RNSE ?? it will be a good help for me :)
  13. Rogue Member

    Hi mate,

    It might be useful to read the forum from start to finish. The IMA adapter doesnt provide a good enough way to connect a computer video signal.
    You don't need the IMA adapter, but you will need something to send a TV enable message to the RNS-E. I am doing this in the software that I wrote to process the button presses. I don't use a touchscreen, the way I have done this project is to control Media Center from the buttons on the RNS-E.

    I have attached a photo of my harness.

    I am hoping to build kits (harness + software) if there is enough interest..


  14. Seb1979 New Member

    Thanks very much for the photo, it's exactly what i want understand ^^
    i have read all the thread but it's not very easy to understand cause you are 3 with the same project and with different test ... so i was not sure for wiring.
    i will see for a can usb, if you can tell me how this send this famous message to enable tv ... ;)
    thanks for your help.
  15. Rogue Member

    Yep - AsianRemedy and I went in different directions with this, I wanted to keep my car original and using the buttons on the RNS-E means I don't have to take apart the RNS-E. It also feels more "original" to use the buttons.

    Anyway, if you want to know how to send a message in C sharp using the adapter I can show you.

    Good luck.
  16. Seb1979 New Member

    Yep, "good luck " lol, i think i also need luck !!! ^^
    atm i have enough information just to buy all is needed ... but after that, for sure i will need help for different setting or test :)
    do you come here often or can i join you by mail ??
    thanks for all
  17. Rogue Member

    Hi Sebastien.

    How are you going? I am sorry I didn't answer your question. If you would like send me your email address in a personal message and I will get in touch.
    I do check back here every so often, but feel free to get in touch via email.

  18. Seb1979 New Member

  19. Rogue Member

    Got a few photos of my final installation..

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