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Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by AudiA4B6US, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. asianremedy Member


    Touchscreen taken from Mouser, Fujitsu model: T010-1301-T350 and chinese controller from ebay. Unfortunately no FIS yet.
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  3. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    How were you able to connect the screen to the RNS-E?
  4. Firestyler Member

    You use an RNSE MY 2010, is it VIM hacked?
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I was not aware that a VIM hack for the 2010 RNS-E exists?
  5. asianremedy Member

    No Vim hack exists for 2010 yet, would be very nice though. I'm using Kufatec's black box which works like a charm. I filled a fake button with a switch turning it on/off, the one that is near ESP button.
  6. asianremedy Member

    There's a 4-wire flex tail coming out of touch panel that you need to put through RNS-E "guts" and connect it to controller which can be placed in a right-side compartment near DVD mechanism. Of course you need to solder some wires before that.
  7. AudiA4Turbo22 Member

    if u can write a diy I'm sure we'd all be very grateful.

    I'd love to do this.
  8. asianremedy Member

    Unfortunately I didn't make any pictures of touchscreen setup while I was making it. Therefore it's only what I said before. But I may do another project and make pictures+dyi, I'll keep you updated.
  9. kOld New Member

    I'm successful with external control of kufatec IMA basic-plus, I use a arduino board that's processing the analog signal and send button's events over serial connection to GhostEvent that simulate keyboard.

    I have some questions to you, what really vga to rgb conversion you use? Can you post your connection with pin nr from rns-e -> conversion pcb -> vga?

    I'm waiting this information to make my pcb and test my board with nvidia ion2 gpu,I hope can be used with PowerStrip [-o<
  10. Borys182 Member

    asianremedy you are my hero :)
    I want something like this in my car.
    I need a shop list:
    1. RNS-E 2010 the best (better resolution than the old rns-e)
    2. Touch screen 6,5" + touch screen usb controller module
    3. Any canusb module to send info about tv mode and use mfsw (whith can you recommend?)
    4. VGA to RGB converter
    5. Some programs centrafuse itc
    If I missed anything please let me know
  11. asianremedy Member

    There's no signal conversion but only synchronization conversion, that's the point.

    VGA to RGB+sync converter

    This is what I'm using for converting HV Sync to Composite Sync RNS-E uses.

    Here's a pinout for RNS-E 2010:

    VGA Green to RNS-E PIN 16
    VGA BLUE to RNS-E PIN 31
    VGA RED to RNS-E PIN 32
    VGA HV SYNC through converter to RNS-E PIN 15
    VGA 4xGround to RNS-E PIN 30

    And you should get a picture after connecting wires.

    P.s. I tried Nvidia ION1 with powerstrip but couldn't get any positive result. It was possible only with Intel GPU but try it with second edition maybe it would work, who knows
  12. asianremedy Member

    All of it, yes. You can scroll a few pages back there's a small tutorial on how to connect CAR PC to RNS-E or see my previous post on how to properly connect it to each pin.

    Canusb module is a perfect solution but I'm still unaware on how to send can messages to enable TV function, therefore Kufatec's multimedia adapter is used.
  13. kOld New Member

    On this the RNS-E Pin 15 connect to CSync right?

    This diagram is a little bit more complex that you indicates, what is better for me? I already have this one..

    Bad news.. I didn't see your posts about bad results with ion... Hope works with me.. What motherboard you have on your CarPC?
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    You can send a 8 byte message on ID 602, every 100ms, e.g. 81 12 30 3A 20 41 56 20, to enable the TV option.
  14. asianremedy Member

    There's no practical difference between these diagrams as I checked them both. You can use any of them.

    I have Intel D945GCLF2 motherboard.


    There's just a slight problem using canusb for TV enable - carpc should be up and running for RNS-E to receive a 8 bit signal, right?
  15. Borys182 Member

    yes u r right

    so now you dont use powerstrip any more?
  16. asianremedy Member

    I'm using powerstrip to stabilize and smooth the picture
  17. kOld New Member

    asianremedy, I make some search about powerstrip and nvidia ion and looks that powerstrip works on it.

    You already try something like that?
  18. asianremedy Member

    I tried every possible way though the problem is with ION chipset it doesn't allow Powerstrip to switch to 15 khz horizontal frequency, that's the point. Whereas Intel hack does it. I don't have any information about second generation of Nvidia ION therefore you could try to test it out.
  19. kOld New Member

    Can you help me with the powerstrip? i made some tests with same board as you (but the single core version) and I can't get a stable picture.. I play with powerstrip but I can't activate the interlaced opinion..

    I want to test a good picture for next stage.. test my ion2 board..

    If anyone can post the best settings for powerstrip (for old RNS-E < 2010) :-k

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