Cannot reach 46. Central Conv

Discussion in '8P platform' started by NikolasZ, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. NikolasZ Member

    I cannot reach 46. Central Conv through VCDS 10.6 on my 2011 A3 Sportback.
    I can see it through the 19 Gateway, and the Gateway can read the internal faults, but I cannot reach the unit itself to change coding or adaptation.
    Is this a correct behavior for a 2011 A3, 46. Central Conv unit?

    I cannot even reach it with VAS5054.
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  3. 3waygeek New Member

    I've seen the same behavior in my 2010 A3. I guess it's normal, since I've had several scheduled services without the techs commenting on it.
  4. vsantos69 Member

    I do have the same behavior on a A3 from 2009. I think that all that in other cars are in the 46 module in the A3 are in the 09 module...
  5. 3waygeek New Member

    And I have the same behavior on my 2010. Functions that were in 46 are in 09; as I understand it, the current A3 is based on the MKV Jetta but has some of the MKVI Jetta electronics.
  6. jmbutler New Member

    Central Conv - 46 from A3 2010 onwards was integrated into Central Electrics - 09

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