Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by bjarne, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. p2rib Member

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  3. tagpower New Member

    i have also have a 01 allroad with digital clock on dash and having problem with the clock sync between the dash and rns-e . would can-gate be beneficial to this issue in my case.

    thank you in advance

  4. bjarne Member

    Yes, that is the primary function of CANGate.
  5. tagpower New Member

    would you please pm me and let me know if you have any in stock.

    thank you in advance

  6. urS6MA New Member


    Just checking in...I talked with you a while ago about a unit. Have any in stock yet?


  7. bjarne Member

    urS6MA, I don't have a Lee on my list to notify, so I don't know who you are.

    It looks about 4 weeks or so before I have more. Send me an email if you want me to let you know.
  8. mlm60 New Member

    Hello Bjarne,

    I'm french and I have been told of your CANGAte. I've got an RNS-E SW0650 with VIM+SDS on my 2003's RS6.

    I would like to simulate PTT because I don't have a MFSW. Could you please send me information on your CANGate (installation, cost, ...).

    Thanks a lot and excuse me for my poor English !
  9. Yomama_79 New Member

    Hey bjarne,

    Me too! I'm highly interested in the cangate. First of all: Gorgeous! Great idea. I'm so glad that I've been told about this.

    Could you pls. provide any documentation or installation manual (I’d like to see something before I buy ;-) )

    Since I only need the PPT function: Does the cangate need a permanent power supply or could I connect it to contact 15?

    Furthermore I don't have any PC with serial port. Could I tell you what I need and will program it?

    Is it still the same price?

    Thanks a lot.
  10. jamie80tys New Member

    cangate needed


    do you have any cangate's in stock? Getting tired of clock and eta being off. After that do I need any thing else to hook up steer wheel controls? Please let me know if you can help thanks jamie

    Also I need a a/v module so I can finish hooking up my dvd player. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Probably a good idea to post a specific requirement (which AV module do you want?) in the Wanted Forum.
  11. bjarne Member

    I should have some very soon, please send me an email for more info.
  12. bjarne Member

    I know that several people in EU is using CANGate for SDS. Can you tell me if you have to code the RNS-E for MFSW to make it work.

    PetrolDave, I think that you used CANGate for SDS at one time. I notice in your sig that you are not coded for MFSW, so if you are still using CANGate, does that imply that it is not necessary?

    The reason I am asking is, that I am trying to help someone in Italy, who has installed CANGate to use for SDS, and it does not work for him. He says that coding the "<<" button for SDS from engineering mode works to invoke SDS. He can then get "annull" with the CANGate button, but it will not recognize the CANGate message to invoke SDS. So from this I know CANGate is generating the message, but it is only recognized in certain instances.

    Does anybody have any suggestion for what he can try next?
  13. amalin New Member

    Sounds like the same problen that I had with my CANEmu (modified CANGate). I mentioned about this in my email that I sent you. At that time I didn't have BT installed (only SDS).

    I recently installed the OEM BT-module and coding is set so that the SDS is active in the phone module. And SDS works from there when CANEmu PTT button is used, so it really sends the message. I haven't tried to put back the SDS from RNS-E after BT installation, but I will try it some day.

    You had the MFSW control module "hello" CAN-message in some previous sw version. Maybe RNS-E needs it for SDS. Can you put that option back?

    That would also eliminate the communication with MFSW control module fault code from RNS-E.
  14. bjarne Member

    Aki, I emailed you a new version of CANEmu which sends the MFSW present messages. Let me know if you have a chance to test it.
  15. currannc Member

    bjarne, any way you can make another CANgate? I have a 2001 B5 S4.
  16. bjarne Member

    I just replied to your email.
  17. audigogo Member

    Hi bjarne.
    Do you receive my PM?
  18. bjarne Member

    Yes I received your email and responded right now.
  19. bluebrakes New Member

    Are you still selling these units?

    I am desperate to try and get hold of one.
  20. bjarne Member

    I don't make them any longer, sorry.

    I thought I saw a while ago that somebody else was working on a similar device, but I am not sure if that ever happened.

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