Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by bjarne, Sep 4, 2006.

  1. kristoffer Member

    Anyone know what pin's to use for the Parktronic switch or ESP button?
    I'm only after connectin it to the CAN-GATE, but light will also be a "goodie"... :)
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  3. craigyb Active Member

    From what I remember there are six pins, the top outer are the illumination, the bottom outer ones are the momentary action.

    Test the switch with a multimeter.
  4. bjarne Member

    I did some testing, and I am indeed setting the button illumination to max with option +4. I have made some changes to follow the value from the cluster in this mode also. I almost have it ready. Send me an email, and I will send it to you, when ready.
  5. svpmx83 New Member

    Thanks Bjarne - email sent
  6. bjarne Member

    FYI, I never received the email.
  7. ehartley Member


    I purchased one of the first runs of cangate... but have never made time to install. I also can't locate my email communication with you previously during purchase time. please email me when you get a sec... thanks. I want to 'upgrade' to the USB version. Will try to find your email in a sec...

  8. bjarne Member

    Eric, replied to your email. And for future reference my email address is in my profile. Or just click on my name to the left.
  9. pwlorraine New Member

    Bjarne - I wonder if you can answer this. Are there standard device command interfaces for can-bus? ie do the satellite radio receivers for BMW, Audi, Mercedes that communicate via can bus all use the same commands? same for bluetooth and media control? or is this more like gpib where each manufacturers devices may have different command syntax.

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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    They all have their secret own language, devices are usually not interchangable.
  10. bjarne Member

    I completely agree with AudiA4B6US (of course).
  11. inshikos New Member

    hi bjarne, cangate works great. the time being off was getting really annoying. but i have a question on changing settings:

    i was able to telnet into the device once to change the settings and enable mfsw support for the old controller. but when i tried again to enable video in motion via blocking speed signal when tv is enabled (bc I don't have a vag com cable that lets me change the adaptation values i need to do a VIM hack) I am unable to get a response in TTPro. all i get is jibberish.

    Do I need to somehow enable programming mode or is it just an issue with my driver or com settings? i have the newer mini-usb based cangate...

  12. bjarne Member

    Hi inshikos, I am glad CANGate is working well for you.

    It sounds like you have the baud rate wrong, if you are getting gibberish.
    You need 115200 8,n,1 and no hardware handshake.

    I dropped the speed blocking in TV mode 'VIM' a while back. Nobody was using it, especially since Klaus' terrific VIM hack.

    Since you had the clock problem you must have a B5 or C5, so in that case you would not be getting speed for the RNSE over CAN, but through the GALA wire, so it is usually easier to put a switch in the GALA wire. Again far inferior to the VIM hack, since it 'breaks' navigation.

  13. inshikos New Member

    yes, thanks bjarne. i figured out that i had forgotten to set the settings in tera term and had only set them for the com port in device mgr...

    ah, had not realized that you removed that feature, makes sense with that great hack now available. i'll have to settle for a stone-age gala switch until i get my hands on a newer vag com cable for now

    thx again
  14. himnbandit New Member

    Bjarne, I sent you an email -do you have any units left? Thanks,

  15. bjarne Member

    Adam, I replied to your email last night, did you not get it?
  16. himnbandit New Member

    NM - I did, thanks
  17. PiERR0T Member

    Hi Bjarne,

    I have been told that you are selling CANGate.

    Could you please explain exactly how it works ? I am searching something that would allow me using SDS function of my RNS-E in my 2002 Audi A4 Avant without Multifunction Steering Wheel.

    PetrolDave told me on another topic that CANGate would make it by connecting a PTT button to it and by pressing it, this would send a signal to RNS-E through the CANGate. This signal would be understood as a MFSW button by the RNS-E.

    I am very interested in such an option !

    Could you please tell me how much this costs and how to install it in my Audi ?

    Thanks !
  18. p2rib Member

    Same questions for me, seems we read the same post :)
    We need a device that sends a PTT message over can, so the RNS-E can use SDS.
  19. bjarne Member

    PiERROT and p2rib,

    send me an email for information.
  20. PiERR0T Member

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