Can you add TPMS to an S4 '05 (B6) Cabrio

Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by Daniel, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Daniel New Member

    Hello all:
    Quick question here..
    I am wondering if it is possible to add TPMS to the S4 Cabrio B6..
    I got this module in a package I bought from Europe:
    -Controller for 01-08 S4/RS4 Cabrio TPMS
    -8E0 907 273 A

    I believe from reading other posts, I need antennas and Monitors for the tires.
    The questions are:
    -Is it even possible to do it?
    -What other parts, do I need?
    -I don't have a roof.. :)
    -Where will the info display?

    Any info will help..
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    Probably not - the TPMS on the A4 displays it's output on the DIS - and the B6 DIS doesn't have the firmware to accept and display the TPMS messages.

    So as well as the 4 tyre sensors, the controller and the antennas you would also need to replace your instruments with B7 instruments - and I'm not sure if they are 100% compatible.
  3. Daniel New Member

    Thanks PD..
    I seem to recall that Kufatec made a kit for B6 that claims it will add it..
    I am going to try finding the link.. I do have an S4 I believe that the cluster will display it..
    Thanks again..
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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I've owned 2 B6 S4's (a 2003 model and a 2005 model) and neither of them had the cluster than had the "Menu" option which is what is needed to support TPMS.
  4. Daniel New Member

    Thanks again for the answer..
    I found this which claims to retrofit the A4 B6 for TPMS.
    Have you seen this before?
  5. Daniel New Member

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    PetrolDave Super Moderator

    I would ask Kufatec to send details how the TPMS is controlled using a B6 DIS/FIS that does not have the menu option...

    1) Without the menu option you cannot do a tyre pressure reset or wheel change without VAG-COM - not very usable IMHO.

    2) Does the non-menu DIS/FIS support the low tyre pressure and very low tyre pressure CAN messages? And can it display the yellow and red tyre pressure symbols? I don't think it can...
  6. Daniel New Member

    I am asking Kufatec this questions, I will post the answer I get.
    Hopefully they will answer soon..
    Thanks for your help as always!
  7. NHN Member

    Dont hold yer breath mate cause they find it hard to answer even simpler questions & now I have people asking me to make leads for them instead of kufatec.

    The part number is actually valid for the B6 aswell mate, has the whole system listed in etka, so it must work & its weird cause my S4 had a colour DIS & I was sure its possible, checking elsa now cause I might go back to A4 in a B7 anyway which of course will work for sure but since looking anyway I'll let you know.
  8. Daniel New Member

    Surely enough.. Audi printed the ETKA diagram and says it will work on the B6 S4.
    Have the list of parts needed:
    - 8E0 907 273 A (1)
    - 1J0 972 977 (1)
    - 8H0 907 297 (1)
    - 8E0 907 277 (1)
    - 8E0 971 934 (1)
    - 8E0 907 525 (1)
    - 4F0 907 275 B (4)
    [As per Audi dealer list]
    The Kufatec folks said that there is NO difference on the B6 and B7 as the
    8E0 907 273 A control module for the Cabrio will work.
    Question is the cabling now.. researching this at the moment.
    I could have the cabling custom done.. I guess.
    Will continue with the project I guess.. :)
  9. wmccann New Member

    I have done it on my 2003 B6 Cab.

    Originally it didn't work (instrument panel said the TPMS error - you have to switch it on in the instrument panel).

    I then got a 2005 instrument panel and it works fine with that (seems to be a firmware issue). I have since bought a 2005 colour panel (S4) and hope it will work.

    As an FYI, if you get one of the audi switches (I got one for telematik) and fit it (simply wire switch to console) you get the menu system. I have tried 5 different instrument clusters 2002-2005 and the menu worked on all of them (setting clock, send speed alarm etc). only the ones made before 2004 didn't work with TPMS - had the menu but couldnt talk to the tpms unit.


  10. evolution2147 New Member

    I know this is old but did anyone end up doing this? Im kind of bored and want to mess around with this. I had an 03 a4 and just bought an 04 s4 and i noticed the instrument cluster has a tpms light (whereas the 03 a4 did not) however it does not light because the system is obviously not installed. But I have a good feeling this is possible because if audi was putting the lights on the dash in 2004 it must have been an option somewhere.

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