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Discussion in 'B6 platform' started by evolution2147, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. evolution2147 New Member

    Hi Im hooking up my tpms system today (please dont ask why) but Im having some difficulty with the CAN bus. My question is how many busses are there on the car? It was to my knowledge that there was just one bus. I have the tpms module hooked up to the same wires as the sat radio in the trunk because i figured it was easier because its closer to the rear. the instrument cluster is not seeing the tpms box over CAN. The kufatec instructions say to get the CAN from blue 17 and 18 from instrument cluster. Are they not the same?
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  3. craigyb Active Member

    TPMS connects to the comfort bus, you have connected it to the infotainment bus by the sounds of it
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    would help if you you tell what car you are talking about.
  4. craigyb Active Member

    Guessing a B6 A4 as it's posted in the B6 section
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    AudiA4B6US Super Moderator

    I guess I'm not really awake right now :)
  5. evolution2147 New Member

    Yes b6 s4, thanks it is all working now, just had to switch the CAN wires. I got confused because i figured that since vcds can access all CAN modules from the same program that they all must be interconnected, but then i remembered that vcds uses K line for diagnostics.

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