Can anyone PLEASE help point me in the right direction with a steering wheel / MFSW mod.....

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ricam78, May 6, 2013.

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    I am trying to figure out a way to retrofit a TIP button sport steering wheel:


    Into my allroad which currently has a heated MFSW. I know this is plug and play if I dont mind losing MFSW and heat, BUT I am trying to salvage my volume, channel and phone control buttons in order to continue to control my RNS-E. I have dug through a lot of old posts and info and know that inside each MFSW is a control module, so I got spare one that I can fit under the sport wheel airbag:


    My plan is to make the left TIP button work as channel up and down, the right as vol up and down and drill a small momentary button out of the backside of the wheel and make that my phone button.

    I thought this would be fairly straightforward as all the buttons appear to be momentary.

    Here is one side of the MFSW buttons:



    The TIP buttons I will disassemble and photograph tonight, but they too as far as I know are basic momentary switches.

    The way the 6 MFSW buttons are connected on a true MFSW is via a 14 pin cable from the MFSW control module I posted a picture of above that connect to the backside of the airbag which has the 6 buttons integrated into it:


    Now, I traced the continuity of the pins on that 14 pin connector and found which wire was for which button and which wire was the common for all of them. I then did the same for the TIP buttons and then cut and soldered the connections all together, plugged the white 14 pin plug into the MFSW control board and then swapped the new buttons and new board into my car and no work :(

    Huge letdown, but I am commited to making this work. Does anyone know where else to look or who I can possibly send these items to for testing as I am not afraid to admit that this is way above my head and pass the torch.

    The reason I am wanting make this happen is I really want the sport wheel to help complete the interior modifications I am doing in the allroad. The 4 spoke wheel is excellent, it just doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the interior anymore.


    Thanks in advance for the help.

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