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    Hello there,

    I need help with some brake problems I have been having lately. My "brake pads worn" light kept on coming on sporadically, usually when the temperature is about 0 - 5C or a bit of moisture out. I checked my pads and it seems about 60% remain. I got eventually fed up with it and went to the dealer to get it checked. In the end, they replaced the rotors and pads. Unfortunately, the day after they replaced everything the brake light came back on again. Took it back to the dealership and they said it was because of dirt on the sensor, so they cleaned it and sent me on my way. The light came back on and have been to the dealership another 2 or 3 times for the same thing. My question is, what could be the problem with the brakes and how do I fix it. I don't want to go back to the dealership for obvious reasons.

    Any help is welcome.

    Car: 2006 B7 A4 Quattro.
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  3. Version4 Member

    Well, checked my brake fuel level and it is above max. How many sensors are there? one per caliper I assume and one for the brake fluid level? How can I pinpoint which sensor is defective if this is indeed my problem?
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    The symbol on the DIS is different for brake pad wear or brake fluid level low, check the owners manual.
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    If your rotors are worn, you should replace them as well. Rotor worn, distorted or glass will reduce the effectiveness of your brake pads and can wear them more quickly. As regards the possibility to do safely, but it is not recommended.

    depending on the thickness of the rotor, the rotor surface to be machined to remove the varnish or deformation before installing the new pads. The machining of a rotor surface reduces the thickness. If the surface of the rotor is machined rotor may need to be replaced. you can see more Audi repair maintenance guide on how to repair you brakes and brake system on auto md.

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